Opening Ceremonies: President Jo Cooper called the meeting to order. Invocation was given by Larry Fernald and we said the Pledge of Allegiance.

Greeter: Tricia Quirk, then Scott Kimball

Well Wisher: Tricia Quirk

Visiting Rotarians: Dave and Betty Parsons

Club Anniversaries: Laurie, Rick Afton

Door Prizes: Won by Clyde, Laura, Dave Wheaton, Tracy and Pam.

50/50: $14 won by Dave Wells

Happy Dollars Highlights: Dave Wells donated $32 for each child at Kids Peace; other contributions from Dan Frye, Larry, Laurie, Rod, David Jardine, Marshall, Terri and Marian.

Rotary Business: Polio Plus Blood Drive was successful last Tuesday.
. 11/16/19 - Hannaford Food Drive 9am - 2pm, for Loaves and Fishes.
. 12/7/19 - Christmas Parade
. 12/14/19 - Gifting Experience
. 10/29/19 until 11/26/19 - Movember facial hair contest.
. 10/24/19 - Rooster Bros donating $1. to Polio Plus for each cup of
coffee sold.
. 11/11/19 - Election of club officers.
. 11/12/19 - BOD mtg. Will initiate several committee reports at gen. mtg.

Program/Speaker: Chuck Piper owns and manages Sun Dog Solar and has installations at MDI HS, Fogtown Brewery, UU Church. Sun Dog has been operating for 10 years and has 30 employees. Germany uses lots of solar energy and gets on average 3 1/2 hrs sun/day. Maine gets on average 4 hrs sun/day. Tremont gets 192,000 kWhr’s solar/yr.

With net-metering, excess kw can be sold back to elec. company for credit, not for cash. Solar panels are warranted for 25 years; unused energy gets fed back to the grid without needing batteries for storage. The price for solar installation has and is continuing to decrease.

Respectfully submitted,
Marian Wells