Congratulations to Carl Lusby, our 2016-2017 Club President and Thank you Ashley Johnson for a wonderful 2015-2016 Year!
Opening Ceremonies: President Ashley Johnson called the meeting to order. The invocation was given by Larry Fernald and we said the Pledge of Allegiance. Tonight’s greeter was Marian Wells.
Visiting Rotarians: Assistant District Governor Annette Higgins
Club Anniversaries: Micki Sumpter (2005); Jim Vickers (2000), Larry Fernald (1975), Richard Dudman (1981), and Rob Hemenway (2014)
Birthdays: Laura Pellerano
Wedding Anniversaries: Laura and Gene Pellerano, Dave and Susan Wheaton, Linda and Jeff Fuller, Irv and Ellen Hodgkin.
Guests: Aaron and Brielle Johnson, Anne Reiter
Door Prizes: Chamber of Commerce cards won by Tony Bouchard and Jo Cooper; bottle of wine won by Marshall Smith; bottle of sangria won by Debbie Ehrlenbach.
50/50: Won by Larry Fernald, who donated entire sum back to support the YMCA climbing wall at the Moore School.
Happy dollars:  Given by Dom Efter, Jack Frost, Dan Hurley, Jane Langley, Scott Kimball, Lincoln Ehrlenbach, Gene Pellerano, Linda Fuller, Carl Lusby, Laura Pellerano, Brielle Johnson, Bill Casale, Annette Higgins, Julie Clark, Tracy Schaeffer, Marian Wells, David Wells, Andrea Mason, Irv Hodgkin, and Charlene Churchill. Many of the evening’s Happy Dollars were given in recognition of Ashley Johnson as outgoing President and Carl Lusby as incoming President.  
Rotary Business:  
·         President Ashley Johnson announced a Pancake Breakfast meeting next week at 4:30.
·         Linda Fuller was inducted as a new Associate Member in a ceremony performed by Nancy Mayo, Jane Langley, and Carl Lusby.
·         Perfect Attendance Awards were given to Ashley Johnson, Charlene Churchill, Lincoln Ehrlenbach, Carl Lusby, Cindy Shoppe, and David Wells;
·         Secretary Charlene Churchill recognized the following Rotarians for years of service: Doug Orville and David Wheaton (each, 5 years), Scott Kimball (10 years), Rodney Fox and Jack Frost (each, 15 years), Doug Kell (20 years), and Richard Dudman (35 years).
·         Every Rotarian Every Year 2015/2016 recognitions were given to Rick Afton, Larry Barnes, Michelle Beal, Bill Casale, Charlene Churchill, Chris Coleman, Dom Efter, Lincoln Ehrlenbach, Peter Farragher, Larry Fernald, Bruce Fisher, Laurie Fogelman, Jack Frost, Rob Hemenway, Dan Hurley, Ashley Johnson, Doug Kell, Scott Kimball, Alison King, Jane Langley, Carl Lusby, Andrea Mason, Nancy Mayo, Laura Pellerano, Gene Pellerano, Tracy Shaffer, Cindy Shoppe, Marshall Smith, Terri Stephens, Gail Thompson, David Wells, Marian Wells, Arlyn Whitelaw, and Ray Williams.
·         President Ashley Johnson next distributed certificates to recognize the following Rotarians for service in 2015/2016:
o   Charlene Churchill- Loaves and Fishes volunteer coordination
o   Charlene Churchill – Publicity (website and Facebook)
o   Charlene Churchill – Service as Club  Secretary
o   Tracy Shaffer- Director of Publicity/Website
o   Tracy Shaffer- Coordinating Volunteers for Everybody Eats
o   Cheryl Callnan- Interact Club
o   Cheryl Callnan- Director of International Service
o   David Wells- Belize Wheel Chair Project
o   David Wells – Past President
o   Cindy Shoppe- Pancake Breakfast
o   Carl Lusby- Rotary Charity Auction that raised $19,708.60
o   Scott Kimball- Rotary Blood Drive
o   Jack Frost- Paul Harris Fellow Banquet
o   Jack Frost- Director of Club Service
o   Jack Frost – The Gifting Experience
o   Marian Wells- Greeter List
o   Rob Hemenway- Invocation Schedule
o   Rob Hemenway/Scott Kimball – Directors of Community Service
o   Lincoln Ehrlenbach – as future District Governor and for his support in 2015/2016
o   Chris Coleman- Sergeant at Arms (Special thanks to Cindy Shoppe for filling his vacancy)
o   Larry Fernald- Director for Rotary Foundation
o   Carl Lusby- Vocational Director
o   Dan Hurley- Treasurer
o   Jane Langley – Director of Community Support
o   Nancy Mayo – Director of Membership and onboarding 8 new members
Program: Transition Night- President Ashley Johnson gave a warm thank you speech to the Club and called each of the 2015/2016 Board Members to the podium in recognition of each Member’s service to the Club in 2015/2016. She then summoned incoming President Carl Lusby to the podium, where he officially adopted the “Rotary Pal” duck with a $10 adoption fee generously paid by President Johnson.  Incoming President Lusby presented outgoing President Ashley Johnson with a plaque,  and her “Past President” pin, and thanked her for being a “Gift to our Club” through her leadership in 2015/2016. Ashley received a standing ovation from the Club as she took her seat. President Lusby informed the Club that he would announce his Board of Directors and his goals with the theme “Rotary Serving Humanity”  in the second half of the Transition event to be held next week, after which, the meeting adjourned.
Respectfully submitted by Arlyn Whitelaw