Opening Ceremonies:  Carl Lusby called the meeting to order.  The invocation was given by Andrea Mason and we said the Pledge of Allegiance.  The greeter was Irv Hodgkins.
Visiting Rotarians:  Chris Clemens from Santa Barbara, CA (Check out page 13 of the September 2016 issue of the Rotarian to read a recent interview with Chris!)
Birthdays:  Rick Afton and Bruce Fischer
Rotary Minute:  Jo Cooper noted that Chris Clemens is our Rotary minute – It is so nice to have national and international fellowship through Rotary!
Door Prizes:  Prizes were won by: Julie Clark, Tracy Shaffer, Dan Hurley and Chris Clemens
50/50:  Debbie Ehrlenbach won the 50/50 and donated it all back.
Happy Dollars:  Giving happy dollars were Lincoln Ehrlenbach, Iris Simon, Tracy Shaffer, Laura Pellerano, Carl Lusby, Jack Frost, Charlene Churchill, Dave Wells, Scott Kimball, Jane Langley, Peter Farragher, Bill Casale, Chris Clemens, Ashley Johnson, Larry Johnson, Larry Fernald, Jo Cooper, Rod Fox, and Irv Hodgkins.  There was also a flurry of Happy Dollars given from multiple members to ensure that the photo of Carl Lusby wearing a tutu at a recent golf tournament was posted to Facebook.
Rotary Business: 
President Carl Lusby and visiting Rotarian, Chris Clemens, exchanged club Banners.
Scott Kimball reported that the Board approved the new meeting location for our Rotary Club: the Moore Community Center.  Carl Lusby expressed thanks, on behalf of the club, to Debbie and Lincoln Ehrlenbach for hosting the Rotary Club meetings over the past few months. 
Dave Wells passed out Autumn Gold pancake breakfast tickets to each Rotarian to sell.  Scott Kimball passed out Autumn Gold pancake breakfast posters to place around town.  Carl Lusby thanked the Ellsworth American for printing the posters. 
Pam Cushing passed around the sign-up sheet for the Rotary greeter. 
Carl Lusby also reported on the following:
  • Six or seven Rotarians are now signed up to attend the November Rotary Leadership Institute training.
  • RYLA is happening this weekend and Carl expressed his thanks to Dominic Efter for recruiting Gabe Chaubet, from TD Bank to attend. 
  • “Rotary Serving Humanity” buttons are available for club members.
  • To date, more than $5,300 has been raised for the Rotary Foundation from our club. The goal for our club is for 100% of Rotarians to give to the Foundation.
  • A nominating committee will be appointed to prepare for next year. We are seeking a new Secretary and a new Treasurer for next year.   Charlene Churchill, current Secretary, and Dan Hurley, current Treasurer will talk about their duties at an upcoming meeting.  Nomination elections are held at the December meeting.
Program:  Tonight’s speaker was Robert “Bob” Merrill, owner of Merrill Furniture.  Bob gave the club a history of the Merrill Companies and shared his advice on marketing. Bob’s grandfather was the first person in the United States to freeze blueberries! His grandfather had a small gas station in Ellsworth, and he would purchase various items from people travelling through Ellsworth. One day, Bob’s grandfather bought some furniture from a gentleman and in 1953, Merrill Furniture was founded.  Bob shared that he sees great growth happening in Ellsworth with new businesses coming in and with places like Harbor Park and the new Knowlton Community Park open and available to the public. He also shared that he has found that staying competitive, not becoming complacent, and keeping a business’ name in front of customers are marketing efforts that are working well for Merrill Furniture. Digital marketing is also extremely important in today’s world. Bob wrapped up his presentation by sharing with business owners the importance of paying attention to what the competition is doing, committing to your business, and to work hard.
Respectfully submitted by Cheryl Callnan