Our club gave a check in the amount of $864.50 from our 1st Quarter Happy Dollars to the Hancock County Sherriff’s Department for K-9 Officer Finn to receive a bullet proof vest! Sheriff Scott Kane and Deputy Travis Frost were grateful of the donation and introduced Finn to the Club!

Opening Ceremonies: President Scott Kimball called the meeting to order. Invocation was by Laurie Fogelman and we said the pledge of allegiance.
Greeter: Marian Wells
Guests: Iris Simon introduced Eddie and Diane  (who used to work at China Hill).
Birthdays: Domenic Efter on Oct 13 (the club sang “happy birthday”)
Door prizes included: Oktober Fest beer (Dom), TD Bank mug with Dunkin Donuts card (Amy), Mouse pen from Jackson Lab (guest); Eagles Lodge calendar and pen (Julie).
Rotary Minute: Jo Cooper described meeting the Sheriff’s Department K9 Finn at a League of Towns meeting and how important our service is in the community.
50/50: Clyde Cushing donated back for remodeling his mother’s day care last week.
Happy Dollar Highlights:
  • Jack Frost for his new job at Bar Harbor Bank
  • Larry Fernald for Arlyn Whitelaw putting up with Dom, for losing 4 hours and 40 minutes of daylight, and for his wife being back home
  • Jane Langley for her daughter’s wedding
  • Fred Beyer for the diabetes walk
  • Carl Lusby for HCTC
  • Gene Pellerano for his mother’s 95th birthday
  • Diane for thanks
  • Jo Cooper for HCTC, for her husband’s upcoming retirement, and for the Age-Friendly “on Tap” at the Airline Brewery on October 24th
  • Scott for Finn’s Happy Dollars last quarter
President Scott Kimball presented Sheriff Scott Kane with a check for $865 for Finn’s bulletproof vest. Sheriff Kane introduced Deputy Travis Frost and Finn the K9. He also explained how they were able to get Finn through a large anonymous donation. He thanked the Rotary Club for their support. Deputy Frost described the training of Finn and some of the work he has helped.
Rotary Business:
  • Carl Lusby spoke about World Polio Day on Oct 21 and that he will be collecting donations at the end of the meeting. The club will be at Pat’s Pizza on Oct. 21
  • Clyde: upcoming community service projects: Purple pinkie project at Pat’s still has openings, Diabetes Walk Saturday, Keep Nov 5 open for SPCA roof project, Loaves & Fishes food drive on Nov 11 at Hannaford, Blood Drive on Oct 24.
  • District Assembly is Oct 28
  • Membership Night: Marion Wells has forms for prospective members. Everyone should invite someone.
Fred Beyers led the program in place of Tracy Shaffer. Hancock County Technical Center Honors Evening, spotlighting the Automotive Technician and Law Enforcement programs. Fred welcomed the speakers, families and teachers from HCTC.
Automotive: Instructor Hunter Havel introduced student Liam Brennan. Fred and Scott Kimball presented the award to Liam, who is homeschooled and is from Penobscot. Vocational speaker was Chris Williams from Stanley Subaru.
Law Enforcement: Instructor Scott Baillargeon introduced student Jesse Jenkins, a senior from Bucksport HS. Fred and Scott Kimball presented the award to Jesse. Vocational speaker was Sheriff Scott Kane.
Fred reminded us that the next HCTC Honors Evening is December 12, spotlighting Diesel Technician, Biomedical Technician and Carpentry programs.
President Scott Kimball closed the evening with a quote from Steve Jobs.
Respectfully submitted,
Jo Cooper