Opening Ceremonies: President Carl Lusby called the meeting to order.  Invocation by Ray Williams and we said the Pledge of Allegiance.
Greeter:  Absent, so all took part greeting one another!
Sargent at Arms: Cindy Shoppe (President Carl Lusby thanked Suellen Speed and Iris Simon for acting as Sargent at Arms at the membership night.
Make-ups: Dan Hurley and RLI attendees
Birthdays: 11/13 Larry Barnes; again noted Iris and Gerry Simon’s anniversary on 11/9.
Guests: Dave Wells introduced Fred Beyer.
Door prizes: Winners were Marian Wells (wine); Laura Pellerano (chocolates), Dave Wells (cider spices), Tony Bouchard (oil & vinegar), Nancy Mayo (YMCA T-shirt), Ashley Johnson (salt water  taffy, which she gave to Jack Frost!), Cindy Shoppe (wine).
50/50: Debbie Ehrlenbach won $14 which she donated to the cause (Project Hope).
Happy Dollars: Jack Frost, Iris Simon, Scott Kimball, Jane Langley, Gene Pellerano, Clyde Cushing,
Domenic Efter, Dan Hurley, Dave Wells, Marian Wells, Tracy Shaffer,. Irv Hodgkins and Carl Lusby.
Rotary Business:
  • WHCA Thaw Fund – snow day predication.
  • Gifting Experience – Dec 10th 9:30 – 12:00. Sign-up sheet was passed around.
  • Community Service:  Sat. Nov. 12 Food Drive at Hannaford 9am – 2pm Sign-up sheet was passed around.
  • Month of December: We will be helping on Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday mornings at Loaves and Fishes during the month of December. Sign-up sheet was passed around.
  • Discussion about Christmas Parade: Consensus was to wait until next year.
  • Tracy Shaffer: Vocations speaker needed for HCTC night for welding. Please contact Tracy if you know anyone who would be willing to speak.
  • Carl Lusby: All members should be participating in membership recruitment.
  • Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) –  Several club members attended on Saturday November 5th. Highest participation was from our club! Congrats!
  • Nominating committee – (Committee members are Ashley, Dave, Scott and Carl Lusby, but needs members); will need to nominate President Elect, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary for the 2017-2017 Rotary Year. Please let Carl know if you are interested!
  • President Carl Lusby pointed out that he had put information about the Treasurer position on the tables. Dan Hurley spoke about duties of the Treasurer.
  • Next week Charlene will speak about duties of being the Secretary.
There was no Guest Speaker tonight.
Our guest speakers next week will be MCMH's Frenchman Bay Orthopedics surgeons:  Dr.Hamilton-Dick, Dr. Mau, Dr. Copithorne and Dr. Benoit.
Meeting was adjourned at 7:00pm.
Respectfully submitted by Jo Cooper