Rebecca Greenlaw was recognized to be the Vice President of the Club. Congratulations Rebecca!
Opening Ceremonies:  President Debbie Ehrlenbach called the meeting to order.
Invocation was read by:  Stephanie Baillargeon and we all said the Pledge of Allegiance.
Sergeant at Arms:  Mary and Robert Thomas
Setting up Zoom: Clyde Cushing
Guests:  Jessica Seavey, Linda Rose, Linda Elliott, Maria Donahue, Stacie Brown
Visiting Rotarians: Kent Weisner
Birthdays: Cindy Shoppe, Rob Hemenway, Peter Farragher, Shelly Van Camp, Jack Frost, Alison King, Carl Lusby and Scott Kimball
Rotary Anniversaries: Peter Farragher 25 Years 
The Rotary Club of Ellsworth presented a check to Maria Donahue of Healthy Acadia in the amount of $503.00. The money was raised during our 1st quarter of Happy Dollars.
The Club also presented a check in the amount of $2,730.19 to Jessica Seavey of Loaves and Fishes Food Pantry. The money was raised at the Rotary Club of Ellsworth Food Drive held at Ellsworth Hannaford.
Thank you to Clyde Cushing, Jodie Cushing Pam Cushing, Shelly Van Camp, Tricia Quirk for all their hard work and organizing the Halloween Trunk or Treat and the Christmas Parade. Everyone received a "Service Above Self" Pin. The crew got 2nd place at the Halloween Trunk or Treat and won an 85 inch flat screen TV from Disconnected Tattoo and is now being using at Rotary for Zoom. WOW!
Foundation Update: To date we have raised $1,755.00 to the Annual Fund/EREY (Every Rotarian Every Year) Please consider donating! Polio Plus donations is at $1,743 and $100 for Peace Centers. Tricia Quirk was the winner for the drawing. Enjoy the Haven's Candies! 
Partner Program Update: Three additional businesses have contributed to the Partner Program. We are now at a total of 38 businesses in the amount of $10,050.00! 
"MOVEMBER" MUSTACHE GROWING CONTEST -  Dave Wells and Gene Pellerano participated in this year’s contest. Dave winning 1st place and Gene in 2nd. Judges were Carl Lusby, Ray Williams and Shelly Van Camp. Over 20 Ladies in the room supported the contest by wearing a beard or mustache. Thank you all for supporting the contest! All monies will go towards Men’s Health at Northern Light Maine Coast Hospital.
75th Anniversary Legacy Project - As you know much research has been done over the past few months to identify a project the club can participate in for its 75th anniversary.
The City of Ellsworth Recreation Committee has given their approval for the Rotary Club of Ellsworth, Downeast Family YMCA, Ellsworth Little League, and a representative of the Recreation Committee to form a committee to evaluate the needs at Demeyer Field.  A city counselor will be ex-officio.  Once evaluation is complete the committee would present a plan of action, timeline, related budget, and project sustainability to the Recreation Committee for consideration.  If approved by the Recreation Committee, the project plans would be presented to the City Council of Ellsworth for approval. 
Rotary Club of Ellsworth has maintained continuous relationships with the City of Ellsworth, Downeast Family YMCA, and the Ellsworth Little League for almost 70 years.  Participating in this new partnership with these organizations seems to be a next step to honoring our heritage and ensuring the legacy of the Rotary Club of Ellsworth, while continuing those long-standing partnerships for the benefit of the youth in our communities.
This is a tremendous opportunity for the Rotary Club of Ellsworth to be seen as a leader in the community.  It is my recommendation that the Rotary Club of Ellsworth participate in the Committee to evaluate the needs at Demeyer Field.  Debbie Ehrlenbach and Peter Farragher would be the representatives for the Rotary Club of Ellsworth.  They would report periodically to the Board and the Club. 
Rotary Leadership Institute – Trainings are available via Zoom and Online. This is a great opportunity to learn more about Rotary.
Rotary Blood Drives are the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month at the Elks Lodge in Ellsworth. Please sign up to help. Shifts are from 11:00am to 2:00pm and 2:00pm to 5:00pm.
Door Prizes: The lucky winners were: April Hartford, Fred Beyer, Stephanie Baillargeon, Linda Elliott, and Kent Wisener.
$50/50: $15 to Rebecca Greenlaw
Happy Dollars: 2nd Quarter Happy Dollars will go towards: The Club’s Prosthetics Project to the Centro De Protesis of the Dominican Republic. All these funds will bring us close to our goal of $5,400 for nine leg socket adapters, thus providing the “Gift of Walking.”
The following individuals gave Happy Dollars: Rebecca Greenlaw,  Jessica Remick, Carl Lusby, Jo Cooper, Jack Frost, Jodie Cushing, Marian Wells, JoAnn Rodick, Stephanie Baillargeon,  Linda Elliott, Dave Wells, Gene Pellerano, Peter Farragher, Tracy Shaffer and Debbie Ehrlenbach.
Rotary Learning Center: Want to learn more about Rotary? Want to do this on a rainy, snowy day or evening at your leisure and convenience? Looking to earn a makeup for missed club meetings? Want to support Rotary International and receive recognition for your efforts? Then consider the Rotary
Learning Center.
The club is encouraging all members to take the time to learn more about Rotary in the comfort of their own home and take courses that you are interested in learning about. The Rotary Learning Center has numerous modules on all topics related to Rotary that are 15 – 20 minutes in duration. Some of these courses are interactive. Upon completion of a module a certificate of completion will be printed. Bring your completed certificates to Rotary. We will celebrate your accomplishments and you can celebrate what you have learned. For every three completed modules, you will earn a makeup. Once six modules are completed, a $25 donation will be made to Rotary International Annual Fund in your honor. There is no limit to the number of 3/6 sets you can complete, other than the available modules in the Learning Center. This offer will expire January 31 2024.
To access the Rotary Learning Center, go to, then on the top right click the “Sign In” button. Login in with your email address, then enter your password. If you have not
already created your login, it will walk you through the steps. Once logged in, scroll down just a bit to the “Learning Center” box and click on it. Up will come the 10 different areas of learning opportunities. You select what area you are interested in. Within that area numerous modules will appear. Some are one and done and some have several modules. The Learning Center keeps track of your progress. Enjoy! Once you have completed a module, print out your certificate and bring it to a club meeting. Going forward this will be a regular agenda item to share. If you have any questions, please reach out to any Board member and they will be more than happy to assist. Happy learning!
Guest Speaker:  Debbie Ehrlenbach spoke about Giving Tuesday and shared her Rotary Moment with Club Members.
Respectfully submitted by Rotarian Ashley Johnson