Our guest speaker was Lori Fickling, a co-author of “Perfect Engagement” #ellsworthrotary #peopleofaction #wearerotary #district7790
On Tuesday, March 23rd at 6 PM, our club had a virtual meeting over the telephone and internet via Zoom.  President Laura Pellerano started the meeting.
Invocation was read by Ross Baldree.
The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Ross Baldree and Tony and Julie Bouchard took attendance.
Birthdays: Lincoln Ehrlenbach on March 23rd and Ken Huitt on March 26th. Happy Birthday!
Rotary Anniversaries: Dave Wells 11 years on March 23, Marian Wells 7 years on March 25th. Happy Anniversary!
Visiting Rotarians: Lori Fickling of the Cross Timbers Rotary Club in Texas.
Guests: Bob and Mary Thomas
3rd Quarter Happy Dollars: Happy Dollars will go towards the THAW Fund. The Heating And Warmth Fund helps people stay warm and stay safe.  THAW is a community fund created in 2006 to help people afford heat through Downeast Community Partners.
The Heating and Warmth (THAW) fund provides emergency heating assistance to people in Hancock and Washington counties. THAW funds step in when all other aid has been exhausted.
The following Rotarians gave Happy Dollars: Jack Frost, Dave Wells, Carl Lusby, Tracy Shaffer, Rod Fox, Dan Frye, Larry Johnston, Iris Simon, Laura Pellerano, Marian Wells and Jo Cooper.
Don’t forget about Polio Plus and EREY! Please consider making a donation.
Happy Dollars and Polio Donations: Treasurer Debbie Ehrlenbach would like all Happy Dollars and Polio Plus donations to be mailed in a.s.a.p. to Rotary Club of Ellsworth, PO Box 741, Ellswoth, ME 04605.
Rotary Business:
  1. COVID Vaccine Volunteering: Jodie Cushing has the information for COVID vaccine volunteering. The link below takes you to the Northern Light home page for volunteering. If you would like to help once the hospital gets the mass vaccines rolled out please click the link below and sign up with Northern Light.
If you do end up volunteering please make sure to send Jodie your hours.
  1. Membership Update: A membership survey will be emailed out to all club members soon. Please take a moment and fill out online.
  2. Fundraising Survey: The survey was emailed out to all club members from Clyde Cushing. Please take a moment and fill out online.
  3. 4th Quarter Happy Dollars: If anyone has a suggestion please let Laura Pellerano know.
  4. Blood Drive: Max Dietshe has sent out an email to sign up for the Blood Drives during the month of March. Please help if you can.
  5. Walk for Happy Dollars: April 17th at EHS. $10 to walk. Please sign up with Laura Pellerano.
  6. Pizza Night via Zoom: Order your favorite pizza on May 11th. Two gift cards will be given out on May 4th to go buy your pizza!
Guest Speaker: This week’s guest speaker was Lori Fickling. She is a near 30-year Rotarian and a founding member of the Cross Timbers Rotary Club, where she served as its second president. During her year, the club was featured in a multi-page spread in The Rotarian magazine. She also served as president of her former club, the Flower Mound Rotary Club.
Lori has co-authored a book on Rotary called “Perfect Engagement” and was a presenter at the Rotary International 2020 Regional Leaders Training Institute.
This book is for Rotary clubs around the world. It offers ways to improve club retention and ideas for encouraging full and active participation from all club members. The membership of every civic and service organization has shown a dramatic decline in membership since 1980.
Across the board, Lions Clubs, Rotary International, Kiwanis Clubs, Jaycees, Shriners and other successful organizations have seen membership decline by as much as 64% in the past 40 years. Recruiting new, younger members continues to fall short of the losses from attrition, as the average membership age exceeds 64 years.  
The fundamental ideas offered in this book are meant to offer a degree of hope to those organizations that are struggling to survive. Just as the torch was passed to the current generation, these organizations must involve and engage those of the next generation on their terms or risk perishing.   To not just survive, but to thrive in the 21st Century, clubs must make an honest assessment of their club’s membership, communications and marketing and then take aggressive ACTION to refine goals and grow their membership.
This book includes tips for evaluating your club, members and programs along with ways to invite women and diversity into the local club environment. In additional strategies for enhanced communication, social media and perfect engagement are also highlighted. It is an invaluable resource for anyone wanting to start a new Rotary club in their community or for clubs that are struggling.
Respectfully submitted by Ashley Johnson