This week we had our Paul Harris night, we celebrated 3 new Rotarian Paul Harris Fellows, 2 new community Paul Harris Fellow, and 1 Rotary Foundation Certificate of Appreciation for a local business.  #ellsworthrotary #peopleofaction #serviceaboveself #district7790 #paulharrisfellow #ellsworthmaine #wearerotary
On Tuesday, June 8th at 6:00 PM, our club had a virtual meeting over the telephone and internet via Zoom.  President Laura Pellerano started the meeting.
Invocation was read by Rob Hemenway.
The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Rob Hemenway and Tony and Julie Bouchard took attendance.
Club Secretary Clyde Cushing introduced Club’s Past Presidents and other District Officials that were in attendance.  Clyde invited Lincoln Ehrlenbach to provide a brief background on PHF.
Lincoln Ehrlenbach provided an overview of our Club history of awarding Paul Harris Fellows and list of PHFs were displayed on the screen. 
Jo Cooper thanked the 2020 PHF recognition committee members: Jo Cooper, Club Pres Laura Pellerano, Lincoln Ehrlenbach, Jack Frost, Ashley Johnson, Carl Lusby, Tracy Shaffer, Iris Simon and Dave Wells.
Jo Cooper spoke about the challenges the Club faced over the past 15 months and how the Club has been committed to making these awards possible despite the challenges.  
Paul Harris Fellows were awarded to Rob Hemenway, Fred Beyer, Max Dietshe, Barbara Clark and Phyllis Young.
Pat’s Pizza was given a Certificate of Appreciation from the Rotary Foundation for their continued support throughout the community. Pat’s has allowed Rotary to set up a table in the lobby where we explain to their patrons our efforts to rid the world of polio The “purple pinkie project” at Pat’s usually allow us to raise in the one single day over $500 dollars towards our quest to end polio from donations and a generous contribution from Pat’s.
 Respectfully submitted by Ashley Johnson