On Tuesday, June 23rd at 6 PM, our club had a virtual meeting over the telephone and internet via Zoom. 
Invocation was read by Laura Pellerano.
The pledge was led by Carl Lusby, Ashley Johnson took notes and Tony and Julie Bouchard took attendance.
Guests: Max Dietshe
Birthdays: Allegra Pellerano on June 27th. Happy Birthday!!
Wedding Anniversaries: Irv and Helen Hodgkin 58 Years on June 27th, Lincoln and Debbie Ehrlenbach 44 Years on June 26th, Laura and Gene Pellerano 40 Years on June 26th, Dave and Susan Wheaton 13 Years on June 30th. Congratulations!!
Club Anniversaries: Julie Clark 12 Years on June 24th, Dave Wheaton 9 Years on June 24th, Jane Langley 13 Years on June 30th, Jim Vickers 20 Years on June 30th. Congratulations!!
Checking In/Happy Dollars: Jo Cooper started the meeting by asking each person to give a recap of how they were doing.  We heard from Linda Fuller, Marian and Dave Wells, Fred Breyer, Jane Langley, Laura Pellerano, Jack Frost,  Julie and Tony Bouchard, Melody Pereira, Rod Fox, Allegra Pellerano, Carl Lusby, Dan Frye, Gene Pellerano, Lincoln and Debbie Ehrlenbach,  Tracy Shaffer, Peter Farragher, Clyde Cushing, Pam Cushig, Scott Kimball and Ashley Johnson.
All Happy Dollars goes towards Everybody Eats this quarter.  Don’t forget about Polio Plus and EREY! Please consider making a donation.
Rotary Business:
  1. Blood Drive Update: The next blood drive is was today June 23rd at  the Elks Lodge from 1:00pm to 6:00pm. It was a busy day!  Please contact Scott Kimball if you would like to volunteer in the future.
  2. Transition Meeting June 30th- Jo Cooper and Laura Pellerano have asked Peter Farragher if we can hold the meeting under the YMCA's tent on the pickleball court and he thinks it is a great idea. He will have the Perry's food truck there and will ask for a discount for Rotary. An email will be sent out to everyone once everything is confirmed.
  3. The District Governor visit has been rescheduled to a later date. A different guest speaker will be filled in for July 7th.
Guest Speaker: This week’s guest speakers were Rotarians Jane Langley and Peter Farragher.
Jane spoke about what it’s like opening up the Union River Lobster Pot for another summer season with husband Brian during COVID-19. She explained how they had to change their business model, changing their menu, training staff and rearranging the inside of the restaurant. They provide outside dining and take out and appreciate the support from the community.
Peter talked about the challenges of reopening the Downeast Family YMCA during COVID-19. He explained how communication is very important within the community, the staff, and the families they provide services to. There were a lot of concerns during the shutdown. The unknown is scary.
The fitness center opened back up along with the Summer Camp a couple weeks ago. Summer camp is only open to Maine Residents this year. All staff are working hard to keep everyone safe during this difficult time.
Respectfully submitted by Ashley Johnson