On Tuesday, June 22nd at 6:00 PM, our club had a virtual meeting over the telephone and internet via Zoom.  President Laura Pellerano started the meeting.
Invocation was read by Mary Thomas.
The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Bob Thomas and Tony and Julie Bouchard took attendance.
Guests: Rebecca Greenlaw from Kids Peace
Birthdays: Allegra Pellerano on June 27th.  Happy Birthday!
Wedding Anniversaries: Irv and Helen Hodgkin 59 Years on June 23rd, Lincoln and Debbie Ehrlenbach 45 Years on June 26th. Happy Anniversary!
4th Quarter Happy Dollars: The Ellsworth Rotary Foundation
The following Rotarians gave Happy Dollars: Dan Frye, Dave Wells, Larry Johnston, Carl Lusby, Julie  and Tony Bouchard and Marian Wells.
Don’t forget about Polio Plus and EREY! Please consider making a donation.
Happy Dollars and Polio Donations: Treasurer Debbie Ehrlenbach would like all Happy Dollars and Polio Plus donations to be mailed in a.s.a.p. to Rotary Club of Ellsworth, PO Box 741, Ellswoth, ME 04605.
Rotary Business:  
1st Quarter Happy Dollars: President-Elect Gene Pellerano is looking for ideas for the 1st Quarter Happy Dollars. If you have a non-profit in mind that could use the help, please let him know.
  1.  Upcoming Events:
  • July 20, 2021 – Private Charter Cruise with Linda Greenlaw: Save Tuesday, July 20th on your calendar from 6-8 PM for a Rotary Sunset Cruise on the boat “Select” with Captain Linda Greenlaw, author and owner of Linda Greenlaw Charters. The two-hour cruise will launch from Perry’s Dock on Newbury Neck and parking will be available at the Sea Shed Gift Shop at 1049 Newbury Neck in Surry. More details to follow with a chance to reserve your space.  An opportunity to reserve a lobster roll or chicken sandwich will be included during registration. Sign up with Ashley Johnson!
  • September 10-11,2021 - Northern Light Maine Coast Schoodic Scramble: Friday 10/11 set up and 9/11 tournament volunteers would need to be there 7am until 5pm. Shifts can be shared! Please contact JoAnn Brown to help out.
  1. Blood Drive: Max Dietshe thanked everyone for continued help with the Blood Drives. He will send out an email to sign up for future dates. Please help if you can.
Guest Speaker: This week’s guest speakers were Gretchen Wilson of the Ellsworth Chamber of Commerce and Paula Coyle of the Red Cross.
Gretchen Wilson spoke about the new location and hope everyone will come check it out! This summer will be busy and crowded in the Ellsworth area and Bar Harbor.  Expect lines, traffic delays and to give yourself plenty of time to get where you are going.
Paula Coyle expressed the Red Cross is still in need of blood and volunteers. She thanked our club for the continued help at the Ellsworth Elks Lodge twice a month. If you know anyone who can help in Penobscot, Knox and Waldo counties, please volunteer there as well!
Ellsworth Rotary Club Wheelchair update: Dave Wells gave a brief history.
This project started with a Canadian Wheelchair Foundation presentation at the 2013 District Conference. A DVD that had parts of the presentation was brought back to club and we have been moving forward ever since.
In 2014 at PETS Training AG Annette suggested Bar Harbor and Ellsworth partner on a wheelchair project and 11 months latter we were distributing 120 wheelchairs in Santiago Panama.
To help raise funds for our matching part of a District Grant, we started the 2nd pancake breakfast during Autumn Gold.
In 2016 we distributed 118 wheelchairs in Belize. Rotarian Cisco said we were the 1st distribution to work with all the Rotary Clubs in Belize.
2017 we distributed 115 wheelchairs in Costa Rica and distributed from the Atlantic to the Pacific coasts of Costa Rica.
2018 found us in the Dominican Republic this was the first of 3 distributions our club was involved in. The 2nd and 3rd distributions were for 420 wheelchairs organized as DG Lincoln's District Project. Again we covered most of the country and spent many hours traveling to Rotary Clubs that organized the local distribution for those in need.
We have worked with the Rotary Clubs of Bar Harbor, Bangor Breakfast, Old Town, the Husson Interact Club, Dawson Creek and Sagany Canada and many individual Rotarians from our district.
Our current project is with the Panama City Rotary Club in Panama. Covid has hindered us from traveling and helping with the distribution of the 115 wheelchairs delivered in 2020. The Panama City club is making wheelchair distributions at Covid 19 Vaccination sites, where club members are assisting with registration, monitoring after the injection and helping their fellow countrymen. With the current increase of covid cases in South American, it may be sometime before we can travel to Panama. We have encouraged the Panama Club to continue with their distribution.
It is estimated that ONE wheelchair has a direct impact on the lives of TEN people. Each wheelchair provides independence, possible employment and joy to each recipient. The Ellsworth Rotary Club has helped organize, fund and overseen the distribution of 1000 wheelchairs to those that need "The Gift of Mobility."   
 Respectfully submitted by Ashley Johnson