Opening Ceremonies: President Tracy Shaffer called the meeting to order.  Invocation by Larry Fernald and we said the Pledge of Allegiance.
Greeter: Clyde Cushing
Sargent at Arms: Julie and Tony Bouchard
Visiting Rotarians: Amy Wisehart from Ellsworth Noontime Club
Guests: Jess Montgomery
Birthdays: Rod Fox and Marc Rich both on June 21st
Club Anniversaries: Julie Clark 11 years
Wedding Anniversaries: Larry and Sharon Barnes 50 Years, Irv and Helen Hodgkin 57 Years
Rotary Minute: Community Support Director Cindy Shoppe presented a check to to Jess Montgomery of the YMCA Learning Center in the amount of $1,500.00.
Door Prizes: Lucky winners were Julie Bouchard, Amy Wisehart, Arlyn Whitelaw, Larry Ferland, Marc Rich and Allegra Pellerano
50/50: $12.00 to Allegra Pellerano
Happy Dollars Highlights: Allegra Pellerano, Debbie Ehrlenbach, Perri Huitt, Clyde Cushing, Peter Farragher, Irv Hodgkin, Marc Rich, Laurie Fogelman, Carl Lusby, Arlyn Whitelaw, and Rod Fox.
Rotary Business:  
The following Committee Chairs gave an annual report of their activities for this Rotary Year and presented certificates to each member of the committee:
  • Public Relations – Director Ashley Johnson thanked Allegra Pellerano and JoAnn Brown for serving on the committee and helping out this year. This year our committee added our Rotary Club to Instagram and Twitter. Our website and Facebook page is updated on a weekly basis and we continue to provide positive feedback from membership. We were able to have more press releases and photos about our service projects in the local papers. We encourage all members to use Ashley will send an email out to remind those and how to sign up. We currently have eight website advertisers. We will continue to advertise $25 for 12 months to help cover costs.  
  • International – Director Gene Pellerano went over the committee’s achivements for 2018-2019: Purple Pinky Day was held at Pat’s Pizza and went well. We may want to see if we can arrange to be more visible to whole restaurant. The committee met and decided to support a wheelchair mission. Dave Wells suggested Panama again and the vote went through. Money raised last year should be enough to allow us to apply for a district grant. Dave Wells will file a grant request and has asked other clubs for support. As of now the trip is looking at the last week of February 2020. Several members suggested some other international efforts, some are viable projects and the committee will request funding for 2019-2020 budget cycle to support international projects. Moving forward we will attempt another site to present Purple Pinky Day in addition to Pat’s Pizza to attempt better advertising. We will ask for a budget of $1,000 to allow support of above a couple international projects. Fall Pancake Breakfast for Wheelchair mission will be scheduled soon.
  • President Tracy Shaffer thanked the following Rotarians for their services this year: Peter Farrager/EHS Honors Banquet, Carl Lusby & Jack Frost/Paul Harris Recognition Ceremony/ Gifting Experience, Tony and Julie Bouchard/Sargent at Arms, Fred Beyer/Scholarship Chair, Gene Pellerano/Literacy Chair, Debbie Ehrlenbach/Vocational Director
  • FoundationDirector Arlyn Whitelaw shared with the club the following information: 
  • We have received directly or through online submissions EREY donations of $12,364.00 to date. This puts us at 177% of our fundraising goal for the fiscal year to date. Yay Club!
  • As of June 18, 2019, 43 Club Members had participated in EREY for the fiscal year; 34 of which are Sustaining Members ($100 or more).  This means approximately 73% of the Club’s current Active Members have participated in EREY for the fiscal YTD, which exceeds our participation goal of 66% for the fiscal year.  Thanks to everyone for considering Rotary International’s Annual Fund for your donation dollars this year!   
  • Ellsworth Club’s per capita contribution to the Annual Fund for 2018/2019 is currently $210, as compared to the District’s per capita of $77.  We are slightly behind last year’s per capita of $234, but have a very good chance of finishing this year with the highest in per capita contributions in the district (again!); our closest competition, West Bay (Camden), is at $189 per capita.
  • Ellsworth Rotary Club is 2nd in a district of 50 clubs for EREY giving for this fiscal YTD; trailing approximately $1,500 behind West Bay (Camden), which has contributed $13,822.30.
  • To date, eight Club Members are Paul Harris Society (PHS) Members or Paul Harris Society-eligible. PHS Members donate $1,000 to the Foundation each year.
  • The first $25 gift card quarterly drawing for this fiscal year was won by Nancy Mayo. The second quarterly drawing was won by Bill Casale. The third quarterly drawing was won by Julie Clark. Tonight, we will draw the fourth and final gift card winner was Debbie Ehrlenbach. Every Rotarian in our Club who has made a contribution of any size to towards EREY for the 4th quarter of the fiscal year as of June 15 has been entered to win (except Dom and Arlyn, who sponsor the prize).
Program/Speaker: This week’s guest speaker was Amy Wisehart. Amy has been the director of the Ellsworth Public Library since December 2016. Amy shared the “Library’s Vision of the Future” with a power point presentation. She explained future fundraising goals and the upcoming summer program for local children.  
Respectfully submitted by Ashley Johnson