On Tuesday, July 14th at 6 PM, our club had a virtual meeting over the telephone and internet via Zoom.  President Laura Pellerano started the meeting.
Invocation was read by Marian Wells.
The pledge was led by Marian Wells, Ashley Johnson took notes and Tony and Julie Bouchard took attendance.
Guests: Max Dietshe and Earl Brechlin
Visiting Rotarians: Dave and Betty Parsons
Wedding Anniversaries: Bill and Jenny Casale 29 Years on July 20th. Congratulations!
Club Anniversaries: Meredith Bishop, Dave Jardine, 1 Year on July 16th. Alicia Johnson 2 Years on July 17. Congratulations!
Checking In/Happy Dollars: Tony and Julie Bouchard, Ashley Johnson, Marian and Dave Wells, Clyde Cushing, Jodie Cushing, Pam Cushing, Allegra Pellerano, Dan Frye, Carl Lusby, Tracy Shaffer, Lincoln and Debbie Ehrlenbach, Iris Simon, Scott Kimball, Gene Pellerano, Dave Wheaton, Laura Pellerano, Linda Fuller, Ken Huitt, Rod Fox, JoAnn Brown, Jim Vickers, Joe Cooper and Melody Pereira.
All Happy Dollars goes towards Forgotten Felines this quarter. They rescue and rehome Rehabilitate and provide assistance with spay and neutering stray and feral cats. They are 100% funded by donations and funds raised from yard sales and craft fairs. 
Don’t forget about Polio Plus and EREY! Please consider making a donation.
Vocational Minute: Carl Lusby
Rotary Business:
  1. Membership Update: JoAnn Brown reported the committee is encouraging members to bring a perspective member to a meeting to be entered into a drawing for a gift card! The Passport Program is up and running again this year. Please fill out the passport by July 31st of 2021 and you will receive a Rotary Vest! JoAnn also encouraged members to join a committee within the club.
  2. International Update: Dave Wells is looking for members to join the International Committee this year. Please let him know if you are interested in joining. The Wheelchair distribution has been delayed due to COVID-19 to Panama. 120 wheelchairs are currently being manufactured. The Bar Harbor Club and The Bangor Breakfast Club are part of this project.
  3. Download ClubRunner App: An email was sent out 2 weeks ago encouraging all members to download the ClubRunner app on to their smart phones or devices. It is a wonderful and highly recommended.
Guest Speaker:  This week’s guest speaker was Earl D. Brechlin.  Earl is the Communications Director of Friends of Acadia. He oversees a department of three people that publishes a quarterly magazine, monthly newsletters, issues regular press releases, and fields external media requests. The organization has a combined total of more than 40,000 followers on Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, and on its website.
Each year, Friends of Acadia works with Acadia National Park to identify places and projects where FOA’s effective mix of private philanthropy, volunteerism, innovative leadership, and strong partnerships will most benefit the park’s critical needs.
Through conservation grants, volunteer mobilization, programs, and advocacy, we work in the following areas: Protecting Acadia’s lands and natural resources, Engaging today’s youth in Acadia and the outdoors, Through transportation and related initiatives, ensuring a high-quality visitor experience today and forever and Preserving and protecting Acadia’s most beloved cultural resources.
Respectfully submitted by Ashley Johnson