Chris Offer was our guest speaker. Chris is Vice Chair of the Rotary Peace Centers committee. #ellsworthrotary #wearerotary #peopleofaction
Opening Ceremonies: President Gene Pellerano called the meeting to order.  Invocation by Mary Thomas and we said the Pledge of Allegiance. 
Sargent at Arms: Julie and Tony Bouchard
Birthdays: Laura Pellerano, Fred Breyer, Iris Simon, Ray Williams
Club Anniversaries: Larry Fernald, Rob Heminingway, Lincoln Ehrlenbach, Meredith Bishop, Richard Afton, Ralph Farrar, Daniel Susina, Michael Marino, David Jardine, Max Dietshe, Irv Hodgkin. 
Wedding Anniversaries: Carolyn and Zanny Swertka, Linda and Jeff Fuller, Rodney and Cindy Fox, Jackie Sinclair and MT Nevenham, William and Jennifer Casale. 
Happy Dollars Highlights: All happy dollars this quarter will go towards Next Step. Dave Wells, Laura Pellerano, Carl Lusby, Debbie Ehrlenbach, Mary Thomas, Marian Wells, Gene Pellerano, Linda Fuller
Rotary Business: 
  • August 3rd is District Governor’s visit, we will resume in person meeting starting on July 20 with a meeting with Linda Greenlaw on her boat, the select. 
  • Jodie went over upcoming volunteer opportunities, including the blood drive, blue hill fair, and blueberry pancake breakfast
  • Lincoln on foundation goal of 8,000 for foundation annual fund 1500 for polio plus, came in second for foundation giving on annual funds.
Gene reminded about dues and every Rotarian every year. 
Tracy spoke on community need assessment survey
Program/Speaker: Chris Offer from the Rotary Peace Center Committee
Respectfully submitted by Allegra Pellerano