President Clyde Cushing called the meeting to order at 5:59 PM and read the invocation. The Pledge of Allegiance followed, along with a thank you to Bob and Mary Thomas for performing Sergeant at Arms duties for the membership this evening. Clyde also thanked those setting up and taking down the room as well as Benedetta Pellerano for being our Zoom host.
Secretary Marian Wells reported that three members are celebrating birthdays:  Tracy Shaffer, Gene Pellerano and Tony Bouchard. We also recognized Bob and Mary Thomas’ wedding anniversary and the Rotary membership anniversaries of Arlyn Whitelaw, Ashley Johnson and Rebecca Sargent.
Door prizes went to Scott, Clyde, Jody, and Lori with JoAnn taking custody of Romey the Rotary Gnome. The 50/50 winning ticket went to Marian who donated it to our scholarship fund which is our 3rd Quarter Happy Dollar cause.
Others giving to the scholarship fund through Happy Dollars:  David, Barbara, Tracy, Rhonda, Gene, Carl, Scott, Deb, Bob, Mary, JoAnn and Lori.
Rotary Business
  1.  Please remember our support at ongoing bi-weekly American Red Cross blood drives held on specific Tuesday from 11 AM to 5 PM at the Elks. Max is continuing to send out reminders for shift needs.
  1. If you are interested in taking notes during our meetings over the next few weeks, please sign up with Ashley Johnson. This will help her as she recovers from a broken upper arm.
  1. Jody shared that the club will be hosting an upcoming “Cabin Fever” fundraiser on March 25 from 9 AM – 2 PM for the indoor craft fair and “yard sale” that The Ellsworth American used to sponsor at the Ellsworth Elementary and Middle School. Crafters are already signing up and table space for each crafter is $25. Food will be available for purchase through a third party group and we will collect $1 at the door for admission.
Be looking for more information on signing up to help at the event or the day before. Set up will be Saturday the 24th at the Ellsworth Elementary and Middle School beginning at 3 PM.
  1. Foundation Chair Lincoln gave an update on where the club stands against its goals for The International Rotary Foundation. To date, members have given $7240 against our $7000 goal for this program year. We have also raised $995 toward our $1500 Polio fund goal. We rank number three in the district for giving to the foundation at this time and the club has three people who have given to the Paul Harris Society for this year. If you have not given yet to the foundation, please consider doing so to support the many projects Rotary undertakes across the world.
Rotary Program Presentation
Past Club President and Current Club Publicity Director Ashley Johnson conducted the Compass Points exercise that she learned at Rotary’s President Elect training several years ago. Based on descriptions and attributes, members self-selected themselves for one of four leadership styles that formed groups at our meeting. Group discussion followed which was guided by each group answering questions as a team and then reporting it out to the group at large. The fun and informative event was punctuated with wine and cheesecake for all! Our thanks to Ashley and also to Lincoln and Deb for a wonderful evening.
Meeting adjourned at 7:14 PM.
Minutes taken by Tracy Shaffer