Opening Ceremonies: President Gene Pellerano called the meeting to order.
Greeter: Laura Pellerano
Invocation read by Cindy Shoppe and we said the Pledge of Allegiance. 
Visiting Rotarians: Dave and Betty Parsons of South Portland and Deborah Walters of Unity.
Guests: Dom Efter
Club Anniversaries: Carol Jordan 3 Years on January 15th and Carolyn Stwertka 3 Years on January 15th. Congratulations!
Door Prizes:  This week’s lucky winners were Cindy Shoppe, Laura Pellerano and Clyde Cushing.
50/50: $6 to Tony Bouchard
3rd Quarter Happy Dollars: This quarter all happy dollars will go towards the Rotary Scholarship Fund for students at Ellsworth High School and Hancock County Technical Center.    
The following Rotarians gave Happy Dollars: Tony Bouchard, Carl Lusby, Dave Wells, Rod Fox, Arlyn Whitelaw, Dom Efter, Dave and Betty Parsons, Tracy Shaffer and Gene Pellerano.
Rotary Business:
50/50 Raffle for Snow Days: $5 per day. All proceeds go to the THAW Fund. There were 6 Winners for the January 7th School Snow Day!
Reminder to pay your dues: You can send in a check or pay online using PayPal at:
Make-Ups and Community Service Hours:  Please let Jodie Cushing and Marian Wells know if you do any community service or makeups throughout the week.
Rotary Apparel on Sale: Contact Dave Wells to order any Rotary Hats, Shirts and Sweatshirts!
Membership Update:
Rotary Each One Bring One: For each potential member you bring to a Rotary meeting (whether in person or via zoom) or a Rotary community service project in the month of January, you will be entered to win an amazing prize. We are also going to present a Rotary magnet to potential members who attend a meeting.
This month, Laura Pellerano will be making and donating a dozen home-made bagels for the prize! Also, Gene Pellerano will add to the prize some fresh coffee from Rooster Brother. Dave and Marian Wells will be contributing a bottle of wine.
Let JoAnn Brown know the name and email of any interested members prior to them attending a meeting, she can forward them some information on joining Rotary. Also, remember you can always invite potential members to a Rotary Club meeting and their meal will be paid for by the club. Prize will be drawn at Feb. 1 meeting.
Rotary Facebook Spotlight: Contact JoAnn Brown to sign up for the Rotary Spotlight on our Social Media pages. You send her a picture of yourself with information on why you join Rotary and it will be posted online.
“I AM ROTARY” signs and bumper stickers are available: Please display the sign at your office, when you’re out volunteering or at home! Please place the Bumper Sticker on your vehicle. We are hoping to see these in our community to get the word out about Rotary!
Valentine's day Cookie Exchange: For our February 15th meeting, members are encouraged to do a cookie exchange or would like to bring in a homemade treat to share to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  Also, any members who would like contribute to 86 care packages being delivered to Meadowview residences on Feb. 14th. Suggestions bring in candy, diabetic candy, some type of treat; a collection box at Rotary meetings on Feb. 1 and 8th. JoAnn Brown can pick up other donations or they could be dropped off at the hospital to JoAnn.
Upcoming Community Service Events:
Blood Drive: The Blood Drive is the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month. Max Dietshe thanks everyone for their continued help. Please sign up for January and February!
Guest Speaker: This week’s guest speaker was was Dr. Deborah Walters. Deborah currently chairs our district’s Rotary Foundation committee and she shared her travel experience kayaking from Maine to Guatemala.
Gene reminded everyone about Polio Plus and EREY! Please consider making a donation.
Respectfully submitted by Ashley Johnson