Opening Ceremonies:  President Clyde Cushing called the meeting to order at 6:00 pm.
Invocation was read by:  President Clyde Cushing and we all said the Pledge of Allegiance
Sergeant at Arms:  Bob and Mary Thomas
Club Anniversaries:  None
Wedding Anniversaries:  None
Door Prizes:  Michael Holson, Laura Pellerano, Raymond Williams
Find Romey the Rotary Gnome:  Rebecca Greenlaw
$50/50:  $11  Pam Cushing
Happy Dollars:  Pam Cushing, Jodie Cushing, Gene Pellerano, Carl Lusby, Rhonda Parker, Lori Googins, Jack Frost
Rotary Business:
  1.  Ross Baldree’s father has passed.  A card was signed by members at the meeting.
  2.  Ralph Farrar, a long time honorary Rotarian, has passed.
Committee Reports:
  1. Craft Fair Committee:  To date, 61 tables have been sold.  Jodie has started passing around sign up sheets.  Many volunteers are needed Friday afternoon for set up and organizing tables, and on Saturday as runners, 50/50 table, set up/take down, and at the admission table.
  2. Membership Committee:  Joann has 4 potential new Rotary members.
  3. Vocational Events:  Tracy thanked all who attended last meeting’s HCTC night.  It was a successful evening.  February 14 is the deadline for signing up to attend the Rotary Orientation at the St Dunstan's Church on February 25th.  Two more people are needed; otherwise, the meeting will be canceled.
Guest Speaker: Sharon Caddus, Director of Communications and Development at Downeast Community Partners (DCP) was the guest speaker.  On Saturday, February 25, DCP is having a fundraiser that the Grand.  Doors open at 5:30 for a silent auction with live music starting at 7:00.  Maine’s Secretary of State, Shenna Bellows, will be the auctioneer for a Yodal stove.  The fundraiser is to benefit their THAW program.  THAW is a donor funded emergency heating fund for those who may/may not qualify for other heating assistance.  To qualify for THAW, the applicant must have less than 2 weeks of fuel in the tank which in most cases is less than a quarter tank of fuel.  If the applicant qualifies based on income, they will be given 100 gallons of emergency heating fuel.  At the same time, the consumer will file an application with DCP for other heating assistance and general assistance programs.  94% of DCP program applicants are senior citizens.  There has been a 400% increase in applications over the last 2 years with $14M given to Hancock/Washington county residents; $3M to just Ellsworth residents alone.
Respectfully submitted by Rotarian Rhonda Parker