This week's guest speaker was Linda Napier from the DownEast Treatment Center, she spoke on substance abuse disorder. #ellsworthrotary #wearerotary #peopleofaction #district7790
Opening Ceremonies: President Gene Pellerano called the meeting to order.
Greeter: Rotarian Dave Wells
Invocation read by Rotarian Rebecca Greenlaw and we said the Pledge of Allegiance. 
Visiting Rotarians: Dave and Betty Parsons of South Portland
Birthdays: Bob Casale on February 6th
Club Anniversaries: Tracy Shaffer (7 Years); Mark Remick (19 Years)
3rd Quarter Happy Dollars: This quarter all happy dollars will go towards the Rotary Scholarship Fund for students at Ellsworth High School and Hancock County Technical Center.    
The following Rotarians gave Happy Dollars: David Wells; Rebecca Greenlaw; Scott Kimball; Laura Pellerano; Julie Bouchard; Iris Simon; JoAnn Brown; Carl Lusby; Gene Pellerano
Rotary Business:
Valentine's Day Cookie Exchange: For our February 15th meeting, members are encouraged to do a cookie exchange or would like to bring in a homemade treat to share to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  Also, any members who would like contribute to 86 care packages being delivered to Meadowview residences on Feb. 14th. Suggestions bring in candy, diabetic candy, some type of treat; a collection box at Rotary meetings on Feb. 1 and 8th. JoAnn Brown can pick up other donations or they could be dropped off at the hospital to JoAnn.
A Get Well Card for Bill Casale was distributed and will be sent to Bill in Florida.
Reminder to pay your dues: You can send in a check or pay online using PayPal at:
Make-Ups and Community Service Hours: February will continue the "your own service project month". Please let Jodie Cushing and Marian Wells know if you do any community service or makeups throughout the week.
Rotary Apparel on Sale: Contact Dave Wells to order any Rotary Hats, Shirts and Sweatshirts!
Be Our Guest Cards: Cards are available to be given out to invite someone to Rotary as your guest. Dinner is provided by the club!
Greeter Sign-Up List: We are looking for Greeters for our weekly meeting. Please sign-up to help! A sign-up sheet is going around at the meeting.
Rotary Each One Bring One: Tonight’s winner for the month of January is Rebecca Greenlaw.
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“I AM ROTARY” signs and bumper stickers are available: Please display the sign at your office, when you’re out volunteering or at home! Please place the Bumper Sticker on your vehicle. We are hoping to see these in our community to get the word out about Rotary!
Upcoming Community Service Events:
Blood Drive: The Blood Drive is the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month. Max Dietshe thanks everyone for their continued help. Please sign up for February and March!
Friends in Action: is hosting a vaccination clinic and could use a couple of volunteers to assist participants with registration and filling out forms.
Guest Speaker: Rotarian Scott Kimball introduced this week’s guest speaker Linda Napier, FNP with Downeast Treatment Center. Linda spoke on Substance Abuse Disorder / Addiction. Linda focused on Opioid Addiction and in particular Fentanyl.
Statistics:  623 Maine overdose deaths in 2021; 8900 Maine overdose s were saved in 2021 through the administration of Naloxone (Narcan) and 1876 of those overdoses were administered by non-medical persons
Causes:   Peer Pressure; Prescription opioids after surgery / injury; Emotional Pain; Childhood Trauma / Neglect; PTSD; Mental Health Disorders
Success Stories:   Linda shared approximately 33% of addicted individuals are able to achieve long term success in breaking opioid addiction
Narcan:    Linda shared with Rotary members how Narcan works in the brain… how to analyze overdose symptoms to determine whether or not to administer Narcan… How to administer Narcan in nasal spray form and to immediately call 9-1-1 after administration… Rotarians present were offered a two pack of Narcan to take home with them if interested.
Questions:   Linda answered multiple questions from members present and on Zoom
Handouts:   Multiple informational handouts were made available and anyone desiring help or support with substance abuse disorder can contact OPTIONS at 207-498-0824.
Gene reminded everyone about Polio Plus and EREY! Please consider making a donation.

Respectfully submitted by Rotarian Carl Lusby