Zoom the Elf was our special guest at the virtual Christmas meeting!  #ellsworthrotary #wearerotary #peopleofaction
On Tuesday, December 15th at 6 PM, our club had a virtual meeting over the telephone and internet via Zoom.  President Laura Pellerano started the meeting.
Invocation was read by Marian Wells.
The Pledge Allegiance was led by Marian Wells and Tony and Julie Bouchard took attendance.
Rotary Business:
  1. Community Service Update:  HELP NEEDED - December Loaves and Fishes: Several emails have been sent by Jodie Cushing of signing up on Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday mornings during the month of December. Please contact her if you can help.
  2. Rotary Blood Drive Update: The next blood drive is Tuesday, December 22th. Scott Kimball will email a sign-up sheet looking for help. Starting in January 2021 hours will be changed from Noon to 6:00pm Rotarian Max Diestshe will be organizing the sign-ups from here on.
  3. NEXT CLUB MEETING: The meeting will be Tuesday, January 5, 2021.
ROTARY HOLIDAY PARTY! Special Thanks to “Zoom the Elf”, “Elf Crazy” and “Elf Daffy” for stopping by to help play BINGO! Lucky winners were Julie Bouchard, Pam Cushing, Scott Kimball, Marian Wells, Fred Beyer and Gene Pellerano!
We wish all club members a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!
Respectfully submitted by Ashley Johnson