Posted on Apr 14, 2021
On Tuesday, April 13th at 6 PM, our club had a virtual meeting over the telephone and internet via Zoom.  President Laura Pellerano started the meeting.
Invocation was read by Allegra Pellerano.
The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Allegra Pellerano and Tony and Julie Bouchard took attendance.
Guests: Bob and Mary Thomas, EHS Students: Hannah Richardson, Ben Osterlin, Lilja Hanson, Elise Dow and Lillian Frank with their families.
60th Annual EHS Honors Banquet:
Introduction to Rotary –President Laura Pellerano
Program Introduction – Debbie Ehrlenbach
The following Rotarians read the names of the Top 50 Students
  1. Ashley Johnson
  2. Jack Frost
  3. Iris Simon
  4. Jo Cooper
  5. Julie Bouchard
Introduction to Awarding of the Scholarships – Debbie Ehrlenbach
Introduction of each Scholarship Recipient. We are pleased to be able to give out 6 $1,000 scholarships to the following students!
  1.  Gene Pellerano introduced Hannah Richardson
  2. Tracy Schaffer introduced Nathan Smith
  3. Carl Lusby introduced Ben Osterlin
  4. Tracy Schaffer introduced Lilja Hanson
  5. Clyde Cushing introduced Elise Dow
  6. Lincoln Ehrlenbach introduced Lillian Page Frank
Final Remarks – Debbie Ehrlenbach

Closing Remarks – President Laura Pellerano
 Respectfully submitted by Ashley Johnson