Rotarian Jo Cooper gave us a talk about what our auction partner Friends in Action does! #ellsworthrotary
Opening Ceremonies: President Tracy Shaffer called the meeting to order.  Invocation by Jackie Clough and we said the Pledge of Allegiance.
Greeter: Carl Lusby
Sargent at Arms: Julie and Tony Bouchard
Guests: Forrest Dale, Gracie and Jacklyn Sinclair
Birthdays: Lee Beal 3/9; Larry Fernald 3/9
Door Prizes: The lucky winners are: Julie Clark; Jodie Cushing; Tony Bouchard; Marc Rich; Pam Cushing
50/50: Iris Simon
Happy Dollars Highlights: All happy dollars this quarter will go towards the Surry School Backpack Program. The following Rotarians were “Happy”: Iris Simon; Terri Stephens; Gracie, Pam Cushing; Jodie Cushing; Scott Kimball; Gene Pellerano; Jackie Clough; Julie Clark; Marc Rich; Marian Wells; Jo Cooper; Carl Lusby; Micki Sumpter; Jack Frost; Forrest Dale
Rotary Business:  
  • Gene Pellerano presented President Tracy Shaffer a check in the amount of $350.00 from Pats Pizza to complete the final funds from the very successful Purple Pinky Project held last October to celebrate World Polio Day.
  • President Tracy Shaffer reminded all Rotarians that our International Wheelchair Project to the Dominican Republic is scheduled for April 3 to 13 and anyone interested in participating for all or part of the trip should contact PDG Lincoln Ehrlenbach or ADG David Wells.
  • Jo Cooper gave us an update on our Annual Auction: AuctionPackets will be distributed to all Rotary Club Members at next Tuesday’s meeting. Everyone will be assigned businesses to solicit… you have until this weekend to contact Jo and claim businesses you prefer to solicit.
  • President Tracy announced that starting next week you may pre-purchase meal tickets: $45 dollars for 5 salad bar meals or $65 for 5 order off the menu meals… just present your pre-paid ticket each week to Sargent at Arms Julie or Tony to claim your meal and raffle ticket.
  • Jack Frost, Paul Harris Fellow Chair, reminded everyone that the PHF Committee’s first meeting will be March 25th and you may nominate Rotarians or Community Members for consideration. If you choose to nominate, please include a bio of the individual with an overview of their service and accomplishments for the committee to review.
Jo Cooper, Executive Director of Friends in Action, presented a slide show sharing an overview of all the great things Friends in Action is doing.
Friends in Action was founded as a 501-3C non-profit organization in 2003 with a start-up grant and was called ‘Faith in Action’ with the premise of helping elders stay independent and providing free rides for those in need. Jo was the founding Director along with 8 volunteers with the goal of servicing 50 individuals and providing up to 100 rides. FIA serves residents all over Hancock and Western Washington Counties.
To empower older adults and people with disabilities to thrive and live independently with dignity and strong quality of life.
  • Free Transportation: Data from the past year – 118 volunteer drivers provided 324 individuals 6,461 rides covering 105,797 miles totaling 3,000+ hours of volunteer service
  • Friendly Visits: usually one-to-one for individuals who live alone
  • Simple Home Repairs: wheelchair ramps is an example of a typical repair / addition to improve mobility and quality of life
  • Telephone Check-In: …provides people who live alone someone to talk to and to ensure the individual is well… this program is in partnership with the Ellsworth Police Department
  • Chores; Groceries; Pharmacy Pick-Up; and Food Commodities Program: Over 175 total volunteers help empower the elderly and disabled through all of these programs in addition to transportation.
The Senior Center:
Started as a coffee house when FIA moved into the Moore Community Center, the Senior Center now operates the following programming in Ellsworth, Blue Hill and Stonington:
  • Fitness Programs – A wide variety of options led by fitness instructors include balance activities, weight training and a national program benefitting Parkinson patients entitled ‘Rock Steady Boxing’
  • Meals – Community meals offered two times per week
  • Intergenerational Programming – by partnering with the Early Learning Center run by the YMCA at the Moore Community Center
  • Senior Playground – through grants and in partnership with the City of Ellsworth, a senior playground will be constructed later this spring at the Knowlton Park.
Friends in Action raised their entire annual budget through individual donors, grants, and fundraising events.
Respectfully submitted by,
Carl Lusby