Rotarian Fred Beyers participating in pass the podium and our presenter at this week's meeting was Amy Boles the Director of HCTC speaking about the Skills USA Competition. #ellsworthrotary
Opening Ceremonies: President Tracy Shaffer called the meeting to order.  President Tracy “passed the podium” to Fred Beyer to conduct the meeting.
Invocation by Clyde Cushing and we said the Pledge of Allegiance.
Greeter:  Linda Fuller
Sargent at Arms: Julie and Tony Bouchard
Guests:         Lorraine and Grandson from KidsPeace
                        Jackie Sinclair
Birthdays:    Alicia Johnson
                        Becky Sargent
                        Lincoln Ehrlenbach
Club Anniversaries:           David Wells, 9 yrs
                                                Marian Wells, 5 yrs
Door Prizes:
                        Laurie Fogelman:    Coloring Calendar
                        Allison Howaniec:   PB Cookies and LED Light
                        Charlene Churchill:  Shortbread Cookies and LED Lantern
                        Tony Bouchard:       PB Cookies and Prescription Mug
                        Jack Frost:                 Cellar Door Wine
                        Gene Pellerano:       S’mores Cookies and Sea Salt
50/50: Mark Rich- $16
Happy Dollars Highlights: All happy dollars this quarter will go towards the Surry School Backpack Program.
Mark Rich was $16 happy after winning 50/50.  Gene Pellerano, Laura Pellerano,
Jo Cooper, Jack Frost, Iris Simon, Marshall Smith, Terri Stevens Smith, Laurie Fogelman, Carl Lusby, Tracy Shaffer, Ashley Johnson, Charlene Churchill, Perri Huitt participated also.
Rotary Business:  
  • Charlene Churchill reminded us of the Open House for Newcomers that will take place on March 20 from 4-6 pm at the Ellsworth Public Library
  • Ashley Johnson circulated the sign-up sheet for the Newsletter/Minutes for April, May and June
  • Jo Cooper gave an auction update
  • Fred Beyer reminded us of the Honors Banquet on April 9th.  40 of 50 students have already had a Rotarian signed to them.  10 more students need hosts for the evening
  • Clyde Cushing updated on Everybody Eats and the Backpack program for community service
  • Clyde Cushing also announced another way for Rotarians to get involved in meetings:  Rotary Well-Wisher.  The Well-Wisher will be stationed at the exit after meetings to collect badges, hand out information, and thank people for coming out.
  • Gene Pellerano circulated a card to thank Tim from Pat’s Pizza for supporting the Purple Pinky Project at the restaurant
  • Tracy Shaffer reminded that the International Committee is collecting items and money to buy soccer balls, etc. for the upcoming Wheelchair Project to the Dominican Republic
Program/Speaker: Amy Bowles, Skills USA
                                    Drew Smith, Gold Medalist, Career Skills and Human Pathways
  • Every year, all the CTE schools in Maine send their best and brightest to compete in Bangor in March at Skills USA
  • The competition now has grown to 3 different venues in Bangor
  • This year HCTC sent 85 students who won 48 Medals in the competition, which is a new record
  • The HCTC students won 24 Gold, 16 Silver and 8 Bronze medals
  • 18 of 24 Gold Medal Students are eligible to compete at the Nationals
  • Culinary Arts students swept the Wedding Cake category by winning Gold, Silver and Bronze medals
  • For a student to go to Nationals, $230 per student is required for registration
  • To send students this year from HCTC, it will cost approximately $25k
  • Drew Smith won a gold medal at the Career Skills and Human Pathways competition by her project with a backpack program that also included a new book in every backpack given.
  • Ellsworth Rotary Club donated over $600 to the HCTC Skills USA program from the Happy Dollars fund for the second quarter of this year
Special Thanks to Fred Beyer for conducting tonight’s meeting as a Pass the Podium participant.  Nice Job!
Respectfully submitted by David Wheaton