At this week's meeting our club inducted our newest member Ken Huitt, followed by a donation from Bar Harbor Bank! #ellsworthrotary #girlscoutcookies
Opening Ceremonies: President Tracy Shaffer called the meeting to order.  Invocation by Carolyn Stwertka and we said the Pledge of Allegiance.
Greeter:  Fred Beyer
Sargent at Arms: Julie and Tony Bouchard
Guests: Jackie Sinclair (with Jack Frost); Grace, Eli, and Avalon (junior guests)
Door Prizes: wine tumbler (Alicia Johnson) Girl Scout cookies (Carl Lusby, Jackie Sinclair, Dave Wheaton, Larry Johnston)
50/50: $14 to Ken Huitt who returned the full amount to the club in honor of his induction and his upcoming ski trip
Happy Dollars Highlights: All happy dollars this quarter will go towards the Surry School Backpack Program.
Scott headed someplace warm for two weeks; Jo got the Rotary Auction Packet together successfully; Carl enjoyed packing backpacks for the middle school; Jack was a judge for the 4H speaking contest that included ages 6 to 17; Gene reported that the Friends of the Library sale was successful; Carolyn went to the Rockies and is hoping that a proposed bill to strengthen the requirement for vaccinations will pass in Augusta tomorrow; Charlene is counting the days to April 16th; Irv is pleased with his wife’s return from an eight day hospitalization; and Fred is happy for the progress on preparations for our Rotary Banquet on 9 April
Rotary Business:  
  • dinner tickets for our new dinner system will begin next week; Gene reported the Literacy work is going well;
  • Clyde provided an update on the February independent project (17 Rotarians did 21 projects for 61 hours) and reminded us that March is Everybody Eats and the Backpack Program, and he introduced the New Member Project in which new members will pick the project and run it;
  • Charlene invited members to the Open House for Newcomers and Neighbors on 20 March at the Ellsworth Public Library where we’ll have a table with the Noontime club;
  • Dave provided a wheelchair update (18 people are headed for the Dominican Republic) and “packed bags” project (these might include baseballs, soccer balls, etc. and then they will purchase school supplies upon arrival in the DR);
  • Ken Huitt was inducted into the club (Marion noted Ken is our 12th member so far this year)
Tracy reminded us that the Rotary partner is Friends in Action but 50% of the proceeds benefit other community organizations; Cindy Shoppe shared a list of those many organizations; Jack shared Bar Harbor Bank’s long history of supporting the auction and the check was presented to the club; then Jo Cooper talked us through the auction informational packets and Carl Lusby described the process of effectively and graciously soliciting items. Tracy Shaffer led us through the process of completing an auction item form.
Respectfully submitted by Linda Fuller