Opening Ceremonies: President Scott Kimball called the meeting to order.  Invocation by Terri Stephens and we said the Pledge of Allegiance.
Greeter: Pam Cushing
Sargent at Arms: Julie and Tony Bouchard
Guests: Marc Rich brought Charlie Kelley; Pam introduced her daughter Jody
Birthdays: Allegra Pellarano 6/27; Laura Pellarano 7/3, Fred Beyer 7/7, Iris Simon 7/8 (we sang “Happy Birthday”!)
Club Anniversaries: Ralph Farrar (Honorary) July 1, 1980, Larry Fernald July 1, 1975, Rob Hemenway July 1, 2014, Dan Hurley July 1, 1992, Dan Susina (Honorary) July 7, 1998, Mike Marino July 1, 2009, Lincoln Ehrlenbach July 9, 2002
Wedding Anniversaries: Debbie and Lincoln Ehrlenbach - June 26, Laura and Gene Pellerano - June 29, Linda and Jeff Fuller - July 3
Door Prizes: Husson mugs by Jody, wine by Jo Cooper
50/50: won by Gene Pellarano
Happy Dollars Highlights: Lincoln & Debbie: anniversary; Dan Hurley: final summit bills paid; Dave Wells Punta Canta banner; Rod Fox: Paul Harris fellows; Carl: thank you to Scott and Tracy; Gene: anniversary; Larry Johnston: family wedding and a happy week; Pam Cushing: Golf; Jo Cooper: forgetting the silverware wrapping meeting
Rotary Business:  
  • Get the auction feedback forms back.
  • Foundation drawing – won by Allegra Pellarano
  • Pancake Breakfast: wrapped silverware
  • Trees will be planted at Harbor Park
  • Charlene as secretary honored Julie Clark for 10 years in Rotary; Cindy Schoppe, Mark Remick, Lincoln Ehelenbach for 15 years; Dan Hurley for 25 years and Ray Williams for 40 years.
Scott spoke as outgoing President and highlighted the many activities during his year as President: the Reading Experience, the great work by the Board and the membership, the interaction with the community on our projects and the many Rotary Moments and that we are truly making a difference in people lives.
He presented certificates of appreciation to:
Tracy Shaffer, President Elect
Charlene Churchill, Secretary (took over mid-year) and Community Giving
Jo Cooper, Vice President Elect and Rotary Minute
Domenic Efter, Treasurer
Arlyn Whitelaw, Rotary Foundation
Jane Langley, Club Service
Marian Welles, Director of Membership
Fred Beyer, Director of Vocational Service
Clyde Cushing, Director of Community Service
Laura Pellarano, International Service
Ashley Johnson, Director of Publicity
Rob Hemenway, Coordinator of Invocations
Pam Cushing, Greeters Coordinator
Cindy Shoppe, Sargent at Arms, chair of Pancake Breakfast
Iris Simon, Assistant Sargent at Arms
Nancy Mayo, Assistant Sargent at Arms
Jack Frost, Gifting Experience, Paul Harris event coordinator
Carl Lusby, Past President, Paul Harris coordinator, Polio Plus
Heidi Omlor, Interact Chair
David Wells, Assistant District Governor, fundraisers
Scott and Lincoln then conducted the induction ceremony of Tracy Shaffer as Club President.
Tracy addressed the club about the upcoming year. The theme will be “Be the Inspiration” and she spoke about the change and work ahead, using the analogy of flying a plane.
Respectfully submitted by Jo Cooper