This week's guest speaker was Kara Ibarguen from Maine Coast Sea Vegetables. #ellsworthrotary
Opening Ceremonies: President Tracy Shaffer called the meeting to order.  Invocation by Rod Fox and we said the Pledge of Allegiance.
Greeter: Gene Pellerano
Club Anniversaries: Fred Beyer and Jackie Clough  3 yrs
            Andrea Mason and T Shaffer – 4 yrs.
            Mark Remick 6 yrs.
Door Prizes:  Candles motives went to Jane Langley, Cindy Shoppe won a library tote bag
50/50: $11 and Dave Wheaton  donated it to the cause
Happy Dollars Highlights: Jack Frost’s daughter accepted into Honors program at Bates, Dave Wheaton for being on the Image committee for the Province. Scott Kimball thanked the club for the outpouring of  support received after deaths in the family. Larry Johnston is glad to be healthy and back to meetings, Charlene Churchill for having a new job, Alicia Johnson for hearing from her granddaughter, Jo Cooper for the cause and experience with Loaves and Fishes,Tracy Shaffer also for L & F and noting that 2 club members are on the Board.
Rotary Business: 
Rotary Reads Update: Gene Pellerano:  February is Reading Challenge Month as organized by the state of Maine,Our Rotary read day is Feb 19th. There is no meeting but instead club members will be asked to volunteer to read at various locations. Sign-up sheets will be sent out . Reading assignments will last 15- 20 minutes.
Commuity Service Update: No specific projects cited by Clyde for the month. Each member is charged with volunteering at a community organization of their own choosing and then documenting it by sending him a photo – holding a “We are Rotary” sign.
Wheelchair Project Update: Dave Wells gave an update on wheel chairs. The District needs 40 volunteers and about a dozen have signed up.
Auction Update:  Two meetings within the last 2 weeks and we are off to a good start. This year we will be selling gift wrapped Mystery Boxes for sale for $10. These will replace the baskets of prior years.
Program/Speaker: Jane Langely introduced Kara Ibarguen from Maine Coast Sea Vegetables. Her dad was a District Governor. She gave an interesting and informative talk on the business of selling sea weed, which are not classified as plants but are marine algae The firm started up in 1971, has 20 employees,  . She discussed how the sea weed was harvested , processed  and turned into food products .In addition to selling granules, powders, and flakes, they also market  Kelp Krunch, a seaweed energy bar. Currently all their seaweed is is harvested in the wild  but they do have an experiental farm in Sorrento.
Respectfully submitted by Fred Beyer