Opening Ceremonies: President Tracy Shaffer passed the podium to Rod Fox. Rod called the meeting to order.  Invocation by Laurie Fogelman and we said the Pledge of Allegiance.
Greeter: Nancy Mayo
Sargent at Arms: Julie and Tony Bouchard
Guests: Janice Pinkham
Birthdays: Laurie Fogelman January 23rd
Club Anniversaries: Pam Cushing and Clyde Cushing – January 26th
Door Prizes: Bottles of Wine to Ray Williams, Allegra Pellerano, $20 Flexit Gift Card to Clyde Cushing, Starbucks Cup to Linda Fuller, Blood Pressure Monitor to Pam Cushing, Hot Plate to Larry Fernald.
50/50: $15.00 to Carolyn Stwertka
Happy Dollars Highlights: All happy dollars this quarter will go towards the Surry School Backpack Program. Carl Lusby, Clyde Cushing, Janice Pinkham, Jo Cooper, Laurie Fogelman,  Linda Fuller, Gene Pellerano, Laura Pellerano, Dave Wells, Marian Wells, Carolyn Stwertka and Rod Fox all gave happy dollars this week.
Rotary Business:  
  1. Member Induction - Alexander (Zanny) Stwertka was inducted as the club’s newest member! Welcome Zanny!
  2. Newsletter Sign-Up – Ashley Johnson passed around a sign-up to help with taking the newsletter every week.
  3. Auction Update – The Auction Committee had its 1st meeting last week. Jo Cooper is the Auction Chair. Everything is going well so far.
  4. Community Service – Clyde Cushing encourages members to volunteer in the community this month as their aren’t any scheduled service projects this month.
  5. Literacy Update- Gene Pellerano passed around a Reading Schedule held at the Moore School.
  6. 2019 Dominican Wheelchair Project Update – Dave Wells shared with club members the wheel chairs have been ordered and partnerships have been formed with Rotary Clubs throughout the Dominican Republic.  This will truly be an International project with Rotarians from USA, Canada and the Dominican Republic coming together to make a difference. 
We will be delivering the wheel chairs in the Santiago Region of Northern Dominican Republic starting April 4, 2019 and returning home April 13, 2019.  The average price for a room is $125 US per day.  Flights average around $500.  We are looking for 40 Rotarians to assist either for a few days or the entire trip.  Please let Dave Wells know if you are interested.  He will then continue to send you more detailed information. 
Program/Speaker: Public Relations Director Ashley Johnson did an Online Rotary training with club members. She encouraged all members to visit My Rotary.Org to sign in using your email address and create your own password. This is a great opportunity to learn more about Rotary International, The Foundation, the District we are part of and what our club is working on for this year.
She went over the member access on the club’s website where each member will have access to club documents, your attendance, billing account balance and more!
 Please contact Ashley if you need assistance or have any questions!
Respectfully submitted by Ashley Johnson