Rotarian Marian Wells giving a vocational minute joined by Rotarians Dom Efter and Carl Lusby as tonight’s program about their recent trip to Cuba.  #ellsworthrotary
Opening Ceremonies: President Tracy Shaffer called the meeting to order.  Invocation by Larry Fernald and we said the Pledge of Allegiance.
Greeter: Allegra Pellerano
Sargent at Arms: Julie and Tony Bouchard
Visiting Rotarians: Betty and Dave Parsons
Guests:  Ken Huitt
Birthdays: Feb 14, Andrea Mason, Feb 16 JoAnn Brown, Feb 17 Pam Cushing, Feb 20 Micki Sumpter
Club Anniversaries: Feb 24, Nancy Mayo
Vocational Minute: Marion Wells, Physical Therapy, Started in Philadelphia and worked her way up.  Went sailing for a period in time, did not work out went back to practicing worked in TN and MD, worked as a physical therapist and as a home care visiting nurse, along the way met David Wells and has been Happily married.  Currently uses her skill set on the Rotary wheelchair projects
Door Prizes: Larry Fernald, Julie Bouchard, Gene Pellerano, Jacki Clough(auctioned off Patriots mug to Dave wells for $10, money went to happy dollars),  Cindy Shoppe
50/50: Zanny Stwertka $18
Happy Dollars Highlights: All happy dollars this quarter will go towards the Surry School Backpack Program. Jack Frost, Daughter in Scotland, Jane Langley Daughter in Singapore, and many more
Rotary Business:  
  • Club Birthday, Club will be 69 years old on Feb 20th, 2019
  • Due to Ellsworth Rotary Reads on Feb 19, there will be no regular meeting.
  • Gene Pellerano, Ellsworth Rotary Reads, Tuesday Feb 19, sign up sheets being passed around.  Regular reading continues, sign up sheets for Feb and early March being passed around.
  • Auction, new list of sponsors/businesses which donate is now on-line please look over and indicate preference on who you want to canvas.
  • Community Service: February Clyde reported on how the “chose your own service project” is moving along, several members have submitted pictures which are posted on the web-site. So far 17.5 hours logged.
  • Community Service New Sign-ups for March, Everybody Eats Morning and Afternoon help needed each Monday in March.  ALSO Ellsworth, pack a backpack program, need volunteers to assist in filling back-pack, sign up sheet was circulated as well.
  • Hancock County 8th Annual Food Drive Kick Off Saturday March 2nd 2019
  • Membership Seminar Saturday Feb 23, 9AM-12 for recent members.  All rotary members are encouraged to attend and will be given certification as a mentor for new members.  At Saint Dunstan, State Street, Ellsworth Continental Breakfast is being supplied.  Please notify Marion Wells by the 19 if you are going.
  • Jack Frost reminded members of the up coming Paul Harris award event, need to identify any community members who could be candidate for award,  This year  will be in new venue, Possibly Moore Center or China Hill
  • Debbie Ehrlenbach- Vocation Committee Meeting Tuesday Feb 26, 4:30 Honor’s Banquet prep and Scholarship Review
  • Jo Cooper  -  Auction Committee Meeting Tuesday Feb 26 at 5:15hr
  • Lincoln Ehrlenbach – District Governor’s Project, Wheelchairs to Dominican Republic April 6 – 11, looks like flying down April 4, Boston-JFK-DR about$445 for R/T airfare Room and Board $119 per person/day will include meals
  • Ashley Johnson Foundation Committee meeting Tonight after Regular meeting ends.
Program/Speaker: Domenic Efter and Carl Lusby showed slides and shared observation about their recent trip to Cuba.  Carl and Dominic showed several slides with cars in Cuba and whoever guessed the correct make and year of the most cars won a bottle of Cuban Rum.
Respectfully submitted by Gene Pellerano