Opening Ceremonies: President Tracy Shaffer called the meeting to order. The invocation was given by Andrea Mason and we said the Pledge of Allegiance. The greeter was Fred Beyer.
Visiting Rotarians: Allen Casey, Chattanooga, TN Downtown Club and Sandi Anderson, e-Club of the Southwest

Guests: Jim Anderson, Jodie Cushing
Birthdays: Alan Baker - August 7 and Ralph Farrar, Honorary Member – August 13
Wedding Anniversaries: Michael and Judith Povich – August 11

50/50: $13 went to Andrea Mason who was happy for all who helped at the breakfast on Saturday. Happy Dollars this quarter will go toward the HCTC Skills USA trip.                                                                                   
Door Prizes: Marc Rich got a pancake breakfast t-shirt, Irv Hodgkin won two tickets to the Blue Hill Fair, Dave Wheaton got a raffle ticket for the “Dinner for 2 Anywhere in the World” contest.
Happy Dollars: Carl Lusby noted that he tried to get the projection screen straight but the presentation may be a little off kilter. Dan Hurley was happy that he will be welcoming his second grandchild this month. Bill Casale was happy to tell a joke! Scott Kimball was happy to be promoted to sausage cook at the breakfast this year and to have his daughter do the Beach To Beacon race. Clyde Cushing was thrilled to be promoted to pancake cook. Several Rotarians were happy for the success of the breakfast.
Rotary Business: Tracy Shaffer reminded us that District Governor Marcel Noel will visit our club next week and be our speaker. All Rotarians should attend. She noted that two cards were being passed around. One for Brielle, Ashley Johnson’s daughter, who broke her arm and one for Daniel, who works for the Langleys. He and his wife recently lost their young baby.
Tracy thanked Cindy Shoppe for all her work on the breakfast this year and noted that a final report on the breakfast will be available in two weeks.
Clyde Cushing reminded us that our service project at Special Children’s Friends will take place this Thursday evening and on Saturday. All Rotarians are welcome to come and help. This will complete our local grant for this project.
Tracy reminded us the Maine Secretary of State Matthew Dunlop will be our speaker on August 21. We have invited the other two local clubs to attend. Sign up is needed so we can have enough space.  
Program: Gretchen Wilson, the Executive Director of the Ellsworth Area Chamber of Commerce, was our guest speaker. Gretchen reviewed the Chamber’s mission and told us about the many events and programs our Chamber holds to promote and inform local businesses. She noted that, like almost all membership organizations, local chambers have to work hard to show the value of membership to those in the community.
Respectfully submitted,
Charlene Churchill