Rotarian Laura Pellerano introduced this week's guest speaker via  Skype Rotarian Elias Thomas.  He gave a presentation about his work irradiating polio in India.
Opening Ceremonies: President Tracy Shaffer Passed the Podium to Larry Fernald. Larry called the meeting to order.  Invocation by Larry Fernald and we said the Pledge of Allegiance.
Greeter: Jackie Sinclair
Sargent at Arms: Julie and Tony Bouchard
Birthdays: Julie Clark 4/19
Club Anniversaries: Carl Lusby 10 years
Wedding Anniversaries: Jane and Brian Langley 36 Years
Door Prizes: Lucky Winners were Julie Bouchard, Scott Kimball, Larry Fernald and Jo Cooper
50/50: $17.00 to JoAnn Brown
Happy Dollars Highlights: All happy dollars this quarter will go towards the Alan Fitch Scholarship Fund at The Grand for students attending Theatre Camp.
The following Rotarians gave Happy Dollars this week: Gene Pellerano, Ray Williams, Jo Cooper, Peter Farragher, Scott Kimball, Ken Hewitt, Lincoln Ehrlenbach, Dan Hurley, Marshall Smith, Terri Stephens, Charlene Churchill, Jane Langley and Carl Lusby.
Rotary Business:  
  1. Dan Hurley sold his house in Franklin and will be moving to Connecticut in May. Thank you for your Service Dan, you will be missed!
  2. Several members thought the Honors Banquet went well and thanked everyone who organized it!
  3. Community Service Update: Indian Point Clean-Up is Saturday, May 4th at 9:00am. A Sign-up sheet went around.
  4. Ashley Johnson passed around a sign-up sheet for the Weekly Newsletters.
  5. Paul Harris Recognition Night: Tuesday, June 11th at China Hill. The committee will meet again after tonight’s meeting.
  6. Tracy Shaffer reminded everyone the proposed Bylaw revisions. The club will vote on April 23rd.
  7. Auction Update – Weekly Cataloging has started – thanks to Alicia and Tracy! Please drop off all your items at the Ellsworth YMCA. Posters and Tickets are available!
Program/Speaker:  This week’s guest speaker via Skype was Rotarian Elias Thomas.  He gave a presentation about his work irradiating polio in India.
During his year as District Governor, Elias led the effort to raise awareness about homelessness throughout the district, and helped raise tens of thousands of dollars to support the homeless, the poor and the hungry. He has been recognized locally, as well as internationally, for his charitable work and his participation in Rotary's worldwide project of polio eradication.
Elias has led volunteer trips to India to immunize children against polio and build a system of dams to provide villagers with access to clean water. He has led more than 350 Rotarians from around the world on these trips and has raised more than $350,000.  His work in India will be featured in an upcoming Rotarian Magazine.  He travels to India every February.
Below is a video link: The Rotary Dream Team 2018
Respectfully submitted by Terri Stephens