Opening Ceremonies: President Carl Lusby called the meeting to order.  Invocation by Terri Stephens and we said the Pledge of Allegiance.
Greeter: Charlene Churchill
Make-ups: Club Members who helped at the Autumn Gold Pancake Breakfast, Lincoln and Debbie Ehrlenbach who are attending the GETS Training all this week in Canada, Dave and Marian Wells who helped at the Harbor Park Afternoon Activities on Autumn Gold.
Guests: Anne Rieter
Club Anniversaries: Sharon Grant and Marshall Smith on October 1st 1998
Wedding Anniversaries: Doug and Lynn Orville on September 30th. Dom Efter and Arlyn Whitelaw on October 1st.
Door Prizes: Half Gallon of Wine to Dave Wells, Step Counter to Rod Fox, Bottle of Wine to Jo Cooper.
50/50: $12.00 to Pam Cushing
Happy Dollars Highlights: A lot of dollars went in to Lillian Kell who passed away. Tonight was the last week all dollars went to the Challenger Little League as it’s the end of the 1st Quarter.
Pam Cushing, Larry Fernald, Andrea Mason, Dan Hurley, Peter Farragher, Larry Johnston, Marshall Smith, Terri Stephens, Jo Cooper, Irv Hodgkins, Scott Kimball, Dom Efter, Rob Hemenway, Rod Fox, Dave Wells, Jane Langley, Charlene Churchill, Cheryl Callnan and Carl Lusby all gave dollars.
Rotary Business:  
The Autumn Gold Pancake Breakfast went well! Thanks to all who helped!
Service Project - Challenger Little League Cookout – October 8th at 11am at Demeyer Field. Please sign up with Clyde.
Annual Rotary Blood Drive – October 25th at the YMCA 12 – 6 pm. Please sign up with Scott.
Newsletter Sign ups- Ashley passed around a sign-up sheet to help with the weekly newsletter at our meetings. Thank you!
Secretary’s Report: Charlene Churchill - First Quarter Attendance so far has consisted of 12 meetings from July 5 through September 20, 2016.   Each week the weekly attendance is posted at the head table. Membership currently consists of 59 members, both active Ordinary, active exempt and active associate.
Last week we had attendance of 60.00% and the week before we had 62.96 % attendance.  The monthly attendance that I submit to the District consists of only active ordinary members, not active exempt. We have 48 active ordinary members, (who have a 50% attendance requirement), 3 active Associate members (1 meeting a month required), 8 active Exempt members (no attendance required) and 6 honorary members (no Attendance requirements, no dues and no voting rights). 
For the months of June 61.84%, for July 59.03% and for August 70.04% were the attendance percentages that were reported to the District. 
To receive a perfect attendance certificate at the end of the year, a Rotarian will either not miss any meetings or if he or she does miss a meeting, they need a makeup within the 14 day period on either side of the missed meeting.  We have 23 Rotarians, including both active ordinary and active exempt members, who have attendance of 90% better.
Treasurer’s Report: Dan Hurley
August Pancake Breakfast – Major Sponsors $3,000, Other Sponors $2,295.00, Gross $14,273.00, Expenses $6,799.91, Net $7,473.09
Autumn Gold Pancake Breakfast – Sponsor $500, Gross $2,461.00, Expenses: Waiting.
Club- Dues $7,767.00, Foundation $5,370.00, Total Income $34,375.57, Total Expenses $24, 759.39, Net Income $9,616.18
Challenger Little League-$655.00 plus tonight
Past President Report/ Website/ Publicity: Ashley Johnson
All road signs will be updated very soon. Location signs will be taken down and a new road sign will be added at the Surry/Ellsworth Town Line.
SPCA Addition Service Project – Working on setting up dates in October/November to complete the addition to the SPCA. More details will come soon.
Our Website and Facebook page gets updated on a weekly basis. Please make sure you check them out for upcoming information and service projects.
Website Advertising - The Rotary Club of Ellsworth is offering an exciting advertising promotion on our website. We are selling Ads for $25.00 for twelve months! Send Ashley your full-color logo of your business and it will be placed on our home page. When customers see your logo, they can click on it and it will go directly to your website or email address.
If you’re interested in becoming a web sponsor let Ashley know.
President- Elect: Scott Kimball
Scott and The Location Committee worked hard on finding a new home for our weekly meetings this quarter. Our new home will be at the Moore Community Center starting on Tuesday, October 4th. Robin and Wayne will continue to provide our meals. Beer and Wine will be served again starting in 2 weeks.
The Annual Rotary Blood Drive is on Tuesday, October 25th at the YMCA from Noon – 6pm. Sign-up sheet is going around. Please contact Scott to help out.
Foundation: Larry Fernald
Our club has donated $5,370.00 to the Foundation (EREY).  Larry encouraged club members to donate their $100.00 or any other amount this year. You may donate online or write a check.
Club Service: Peter Farragher
Peter passed out the current Guest Speaker Calendar to all members. If you have a guest speaker in mind you think would be great to talk to our club, please contact Peter.
Community Service: Clyde Cushing
Clyde passed out the upcoming Service Projects for October, November and December. All Service projects are listed on the website. Please contact Clyde if you wish to sign-up at any or all service projects.
Clyde thanked all members who helped out in all projects during the 1st quarter: EHS Freshman BBQ and Helped local family remove trash/debris from their home.
Community Support: Jane Langley
The budget for this year is $9,000. We’ve donated $1,000 in the 1st quarter so far. The committee meets on the 1st Tuesday of each month at 5:15pm All interested club members who would like to be part of the committee, please contact Jane.
International: Cheryl Callnan
Our Interact Program at Ellsworth High School is up and running again thanks to Cheryl Callnan and Heidi Omlar! The program currently has 12-15 kids. Their 1st community project was helping at the Autumn Gold Pancake Breakfast. They will be meeting on a regular basis and will be helping our club out on future service projects.
Wheelchair Project – Costa Rica: We have raised the funds to complete this project and very excited about traveling to Costa Rica in March to deliver wheelchairs! You may donate $200.00 to have your name placed on a wheelchair. Please contact Dave Wells to do so.
Anyone interested in wanting to travel to Costa Rica in March please contact Dave Wells.
The committee meets on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 5:00pm. All members who are interested in joining the committee, please contact Cheryl.
Membership: Marian & Dave Wells
Membership Night will be on Tuesday, November 1st at Big Cats Event Center in Trenton.
We are currently updated all Membership Folders for new members coming into our club.
Membership Passport Cards – Were passed out to all members. To earn an Ellsworth Rotary club polo shirt, complete the 2 required and 6 of the 8 option items between July 1, 2016 and May 31, 2017. All club members are encouraged to participate in filling out the Passport Cards. Please contact Dave or Marian Wells to receive the card.
The next committee meeting is on Thursday, October 6th at Martha's Diner at 7:30am. All members who are interested in joining the committee, please contact Dave or Marian Wells.
Vocational: Tracy Shaffer
The next HCTC Student Recognition Night will be on Tuesday, October 18th at the Moore Community Center upstairs in the Auditorium.
President Report: Carl Lusby
Carl reviewed his goals with membership and thanked all members for a great 1st quarter. We have a lot of projects and events coming up between now and December and encourage all members to help out and have fun!
Next Week our meetings will now be at the Moore Community Center.
Parking at the Moore Community Center:
Take State Street from any direction and turn into the Moore Community Center Driveway. Stay to the left of the building and find a parking space. Enter through the main entry (painted blue) which will bring you into the atrium. Walk to the right of the kitchen to the formal dining area where the Rotary Club of Ellsworth will dine and eat.
If you want/need a shorter walk into the dining area, after turning off State Street to the Moore Community Center driveway, turn right and drive in front of the building to the parking area on the right side of the building where the waste containers are located. Enter through the double doors (which we will prop open) directly into the dining area.
Respectfully submitted by Ashley Johnson