Opening Ceremonies: President Scott Kimball called the meeting to order.  The invocation was given by Marian Wells, and we said the pledge of allegiance.
The greeter was David Wells, and Cindy Shoppe performed the duty of Sargent at Arms. 

Make-ups: It was noted that several people had makeups; including community support attendees, membership committee, and those attending the summit at Mount Washington. 

Visiting Rotarians: Dave Parsons and his wife Betty, joined us.

Birthdays: Doug Kell

Wedding Anniversary: Dana and Anne Reiter

Door prizes: Were won by Larry Johnston, Dom Eftner, Iris Simon, Irv Hodgkin, and Clyde Cushing. 

Rotary Minute: Was given by President Scott Kimball, who reported that the Summit was the best Rotary event he had ever attended.  He reported that the district governors did an awesome job, with over 30 clubs attending. We will hear more about this at a future meeting. 

Happy dollars: Were given my 17 members; many for "the cause", and others for the summit, and various projects.  
Rotary Business:
  • Clyde Cushing reminded members that the Indian Point cleanup is from 9-12, on Sat, May 12th.  The Ellsworth Elementary Bike Rodeo is May 19th.  Rotary sponsors this, and help from members would be appreciated.  
  • Reminder that there is a Club Social at the Schoodic Institute May 22. 
  • Scott presented awards to past president Carl,from the Summit.  One for appreciation for money given to Polio Now, and one that is a District Governor citation-goal certificate for recognition of service. 
  • Tracy gave an auction update, and stressed how important it is to make final contacts and pickups. Carl's team had the most collected items.  Posters were available for people to take and post. 
Program/Guest Speaker: The program speaker was Mary Blackstone, who spoke about the Ellsworth Green Plan.  She noted that there is a Walkability  project on May 19th.  She also talked about a citizen's initiative, where it was agreed that the committee should strive to make Ellsworth a model green community.  Club members were encouraged to submit ideas that would be valuable to that end.  

Respectfully submitted:
Suellen Speed