Opening Ceremonies: President Carl Lusby called the meeting to order.  Invocation by Jack Frost and we said the Pledge of Allegiance.
Greeter: Larry Fernald
Make-Ups: Jack Frost (Ellsworth Noon Time) and Dan Hurley (District Conference Planning)
Guests: Allegra Pellerano
Birthdays: Dan Susina and Steve Elliott
Club Anniversary: Tony Bouchard (10 years)
Door Prizes: Laura Pellerano, Larry Johnston, Pam Cushing, Julie Bouchard, Cindy Shoppe
Rotary Minute: Carl Lusby shared how it is a privilege to represent our Club.  At the District Conference our Club was recognized with the “Gold Governor’s Citation” as a result of 10,400 accumulated points for accomplishments over the past year.  We do not expect to receive the Presidential Citation this year.  Rotary has made it difficult to achieve for our club.  One key area of focus has been recruiting new members under age 40.  It has been a challenge for our Club to accomplish this.
Happy Dollars: This quarter are going to the Ellsworth Free Medical Clinic. Cindy Shoppe for celebrating 44 years of marriage. Iris Simon, Nancy Mayo, Tracy Schaffer, Julie Bouchard, Bruce Fisher all donated to the cause. Ashley Johnson for being happy to attend the meeting. Dan Hurley for his auto repair troubles that are making life interesting.  New tires needed and 5 recalls that need to be dealt with prior to State Inspection. Larry Fernald for granddaughter (10) who has enjoyed her horse for the past year.  Recently she received a Blue Ribbon at a horse show. Bruce Fisher for celebrating his 45 wedding anniversary on June 3. Irv Hodgkins for his granddaughter making the top 32 in the State of ME single tennis tournament.  She attends Erskine Academy.  Look for her to continue to make strides over the next few years. Rod Fox for the congressional antics taking place in our country.  He was pleased that one member noted how it was better to speak at Rotary meetings then at Town Halls. Laurie Fogelman for recent DNA testing which indicated her strong community tie to “Maine Settlers”. Scott Kimball for enjoying a rather chilly weekend which might have included a glass of wine on his deck. Gene Pellerano for early wake-up call to a growing, and rather large black bear just outside the house. Carl Lusby for having Ashley back to a meeting and celebrating Memorial Day on May 30 which was always one of the most special days in the Lusby family when growing up.
Rotary Business: Bike Rodeo at Ellsworth Elementary and Middle School on June 10th from 9 am to noon. Sign-up list went around.  We can expect over 75 children to attend.  Total Rotary community service hours performed by our club this year total 1,448.50. 
Rotary’s budget gap plan was sent out by email. There will be a vote next week, or email your response (Yes or No) to Carl Lusby.
Rotary continues to encourage all members to establish their “My Rotary” account.  Clyde will assist those who would like tech support.
Guest Speaker: Mary Laury, Executive Director of Schoodic Arts For All (SAFA)was introduced by Jane Langley. SAFA was established in 1999 following the Naval Base Closure at Winter Harbor.
The Arts Festival was born with 85 volunteers chipping in.  Today SAFA has 2.75 employees and a budget of just under $300,000.
Interns are very important component.  Start at ages 13-15, and then can enter paid internship which for many is their first work experience.  Many have moved on to greater things, including at least four individuals who are now running other nonprofits.  One is working for the Boston Museum of Arts.
SAFA was instrumental in raising funds to refurbish Hammond Hall.  Over $500,000 was invested in renovations.  Without this, the Hall would have been demolished.
SAFA operates with about 1/3 of support from Fees, 1/3 from Foundation Grants and 1/3 from Sponsorships and donor gifts. Check out the big exhibit on “Turned Wood” taking place on June 3rd at 3 pm.
Respectfully submitted by Jack Frost