Opening Ceremonies: President Carl Lusby called the meeting to order.  Invocation by Peter Collier and we said the Pledge of Allegiance.
Greeter: Terri Stephens
Make-ups:   Jack Frost
Visiting Rotarians: Annette Higgins Assistant District Governor, Bar Harbor Club
Guests: Cooper Friend -Speaker
Birthdays: Clyde Cushing 5/17, Jim Vickers 5/19, Dale Wheaton 5/22, Debbie Ehrlenbach 5/23
Club Anniversaries: Heidi Omlor 5/24/16, Alison King 5/25/10, Tony Bouchard 5/29/07
Door Prizes: An assortment of prizes were  won by Ray Williams, Micki Sumpter , Laurie Fogelman , and Peter Farragher.
Rotary Minute: Jo related how in looking at Facebook she noticed all the activities that we were involved in the past week and suggested we take the time to notice.
50/50: Won by Irv Hodgkin who donated it to Happy Dollars.
Happy Dollars Highlights: Marshall Smith for grandson’s graduation, Jo Cooper for successful cataract surgery, Jack Frost for results of the  Auction, Peter Collier for family involvement in the Jr. Ranger Day at Acadia, Carl Lusby for winning a bet with Annette and for remembrance of George Ray. Additional Happy Dollar donators were Iris Simon, Scott Kimball for Auction volunteers and financial results, Jane Langley, and Charlene Churchill.
Rotary Business:  Dan Hurley gave a history of Auction results and the previous high was $31 thousand several years ago. This year gross revenue was about $41 thousand, resulting in estimated net profit of $18 - $20 thousand. Scott followed up on Dan’s announcement by thanking all those involved.
Community Service: Clyde reported that the Indian Point clean-up took 1 1/2 hours with terrific help from High Schoolers. Club members participating: Laurie Fogelman, Clyde Cushing, Moira O’Neil, and Gene Pellerano. June 10th we need volunteers for the Middle School Bike Rodeo.
Carl explained the proposed budget and answered questions about options for getting the budget to balance. The vote on the budget will be June 6th.
District Conference: Attendees were Carl Lusby, Debbie and Lincoln Ehrlenbach, Dave Wells, Dan Hurley, and Scott Kimball. We received the Governor’s Gold Citation with a total score exceeding 10,400 points. Rotary International wants more than 95% members to have a My Rotary account. Steps to setting up the account are on our website.
Program/Speaker: Peter Farragher introduced Cooper Friend for the night’s speaker. As the head of Friend and Friend, Cooper has been heavily involved in the local community and Peter spoke of his involvement with the YMCA. The dealership in Ellsworth opened in 1976 and sold Honda motorcycles and Dayton tires. They reached the million dollar sale may in in 1979 and obtained a Harley Davidson franchise in 2004.
Respectfully submitted by Fred Beyer