Opening Ceremonies: President Scott Kimball called the meeting to order. The invocation was given by Carl Lusby and we said the Pledge of Allegiance. The greeter was Tony Bouchard.
Visiting Rotarians: Dave Wheaton, Bangor Breakfast Club

Guests: Gaylyn Wells, Joe Peppard
Makeups: Jo Cooper, Clyde Cushing, Rod Fox, Gene Pellerano, Carl Lusby – Indian Point Cleanup
Club Anniversaries: None
Birthdays: Clyde Cushing – May 17 and Jim Vickers, Honorary Member – May 19
Wedding Anniversaries: None
Rotary Minute: None

50/50: $14 went to David Wells. Happy Dollars this quarter will go toward Lincoln’s DG wheelchair project.                                                                            
Door Prizes: Bud vase – Dom Efter, gift certificate to Flexit – Lincoln Ehrlenbach, highlighter from Jax – Marc Rich, mouse pen from Jax – Laurie Fogelman, and gift certificate to Dunkin Donuts - Graviel Nuel.
Happy Dollars: Dom Efter that TD Bank branches are raising money for Special Olympics, Terri Stephens was happy that she and Marshall are back from Kansas City after a good trip, Debbie Ehrlenbach was happy for her surprise birthday party and her grandson’s great ambition, Marian Wells was happy to have daughter Gaylyn home for a visit, Dave Wells was happy for the upcoming auction and the many causes it supports, Linda Fuller was happy to have completed her PhD after a long road, Marshall Smith was happy for his grandson’s college graduation, and many dollars were contributed for the cause.
Rotary Business: Tracy Shaffer distributed final auction information and reviewed that material. We currently have about 280 items with a few more to come in. The final auction gift cards from Finns went to Cindy Shoppe and from Home Depot to Charlene Churchill. Clyde Cushing thanked those who helped at Indian Point and read part of a thank you we received from Frenchman’s Bay Conservancy. He noted that the Bike rodeo is on Saturday if anyone can help with that. The club meeting will be a Schoodic Point next week, May 22. Carl Lusby announced that Paul Harris Night will be on Tuesday, June 12 at Big Cats Event Center. Cost for the dinner will be $20 per person which includes tax and tip.
Program: Graviel Nuel spoke to us about his non-profit organization which is focused on providing prosthetic devices to those who have lost limbs, primarily in the Dominican Republic. Graviel lost his leg in an accident and had to overcome many obstacles to get an education and ultimately come to the United States to receive a prosthetic leg. His nonprofit has partnered with the Portland Rotary Club to run one clinic in the Dominican Republic that helped about 50 patients who had lost limbs. His organization has a long-term plan for more clinics in different parts of the country, to build its own building, and to acquire a 3-D printer so that prosthetics can be built in the country for specific patients. Each device costs $300 to $400.
Respectfully submitted,
Charlene Churchill