Opening Ceremonies: President Scott Kimball called the meeting to order.  Invocation by Nancy Mayo and we said the Pledge of Allegiance.
Greeter: Suellen Speed
Sargent at Arms: Cindy Shoppe
Make-ups: Dave Wells, Tracy Shaffer and Laura Pellerano attended a Pre-Pets Meeting. Tracy Shaffer, Marian Wells, Dave Wells and Lincoln Ehrlenbach attended the Membership Seminar. Ashley Johnson, Julie Bouchard and Tony Bouchard helped out at Everybody Eats.
Visiting Rotarians: Mike Fischer of the Ellsworth Noontime Club
Guests: Eric Rudolph, Dorothy Martel, John Shoppe
Birthdays: Larry Fernald on 3/9. Everyone sang Happy Birthday!
Club Anniversaries: Larry Barnes on 3/1/1984
Door Prizes: Bag of Nuts to Larry Barnes, Ice Scaper to Tony Bouchard, Pens to Julie Bouchard, Membership Cards to Fred Beyer and Jack Frost.
Rotary Minute: Jo Cooper – Thinking of Ellsworth Rotarians who are currently at the 2018 Wheelchair Project in the Dominican Republic
50/50: $13.00 to Cindy Shoppe
Happy Dollars Highlights: Cindy Shoppe, Dom Efter, Charlene Churchill, Nancy Mayo, Julie Clark, Tracy Shaffer, Jack Frost, Iris Simon, Carl Lusby, Larry Barnes, Mike Fischer, Fred Beyer, Jo Cooper, Scott Kimball and Dan Hurley.
Rotary Business:  
  1. Scott Kimball presented Happy Dollars Check in the amount of $591.75 to Dorothy Martel of The Next Step.
  2. Please check the schedule for the Month of March for Everybody Eats. An email was sent out.
  3. Fred Beyer is looking for someone to do the Vocational Minute next week. Please contact him.
  4. Auction Item Collection Kickoff is March 13th at our Rotary Meeting. Please attend to receive your Auction Packet.
  5. Auction Committee Meeting is March 15th at MCMH Classroom
  6. President-Elect Training (PETS) Weekend of March 16th -18th in St. Georges in Canada.
  7. Paul Harris Committee is March 20th at 5:15pm at China Hill
  8. Rotary Board of Directors Meeting is March 20th at 4:30pm at China Hill
  9. Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) March 24th – Contact Scott Kimball to sign-up
  10. Rotary Brew Fellowship Event – March 24th Noon – 3pm. Details on Club’s Website.
  11. Nominating Committee Meeting is March 27th at 5:15pm at China Hill
  12. 57th Annual Ellsworth High School Honors Banquet is April 10th at China Hill. Save the date and details will be presented soon!
Program/Speaker: Jane Langley introduced Maine Game Warden, Eric Rudolph as our guest speaker. Eric has been employed as a Game Warden since 2009. Currently he is assigned to the Ellsworth Patrol which encompasses the City of Ellsworth and the towns of Otis, Marriaville, Hancock, and Fletcher’s Landing Township.
Eric shared what his responsibilities are as a Game Warden and the trainings he needed to have to be where he is today. He also shared his favorite stories and what to expect on the job on a daily basis.
Respectfully submitted by Ashley Johnson