Opening Ceremonies: President Scott Kimball called the meeting to order.  Invocation by Larry Fernald and we said the Pledge of Allegiance.
Greeter: Larry Fernald
Sargent at Arms: Cindy Shoppe
Birthdays:  Lincoln Ehrlenbach March 23rd
Club Anniversaries:  Larry Johnston 4/1/1989
Door Prizes:  Dunkins Donuts Coffee Mug, Simply Summer Cook Book, Pot Holders, Tooth Brush comb
Rotary Minute:  New Jacket Rod 5.00 All people spoke to Rodney Bracelet  The word “Never again, turning 80 yrs in June Children Said we are go make change Saw Plaque For Paul Harris.   Rotary makes a difference.
50/50:  $15.00 
Happy Dollars Highlights:   All Happy Dollars are going towards the District 2019 Wheel Chair project this quarter.
Rotary Business:  Auction Update Next drawing April 3rd.  All items must be turned in at the Ellsworth YYMCA 
Membership Committee Meeting April 4 @ Marthas 7:30am
The Special Chrildrens' Friends Grant has been approved for Playground Equipment
Program/Speaker: Amy Boles – Director of Hancock County Techincal Center was our guest speaker this week. Amy spoke on how the Composition of the school has changed 100%.
The Enrollment in 2009-100 students and 2017-230 students. There are five new tech programs.  We are currently having difficulty filling the carpentry classes.  
92% of graduates are certified and 96% of students are placed in further higher education or careers. The Technical Center is too small and old.  Ellsworth is in charge of the school and it is not moving with a larger campus or school.
Respectfully submitted by Marc Rich