Opening Ceremonies: President Ashley Johnson called the meeting to order. The invocation was given by Bill Casale and we said the Pledge of Allegiance. The greeter was Terri Stephens.
Club Anniversaries: Julie Clark - June 25, 2008 and Jane Langley - June 26, 2007.
Birthdays: Rod Fox and Mark Remick - June 21.
Wedding Anniversaries:  Larry and Carolyn Johnston - June 23, 1957, Irv and Helen Hodgkin - Jun 23, 1962, and Debbie and Lincoln Ehrlenbach- June 26, 1976.
Guests: Arnie Wells, son of David and Marian Wells.
Door Prizes: Cindy Shoppe received a golf ball marker, Suellen Speed won a Chamber of Commerce Members Value Card and Iris Simon won an Acadia National Park Charm.
50/50: Larry Fernald won the 50/50 Raffle valued at $15.00 and he donated the entire amount to the YMCA Climbing Wall at the Moore Community Center, this quarter’s recipient.
Happy Dollars: Dave Wheaton, Clyde Cushing, Dan Hurley, Marshall Smith, Carl Lusby, Domenic Efter, Jim Vickers, Bill Casale, Tracy Shaffer, Bruce Fischer, Charlene Churchill, Iris Simon and Ashley Johnson all donated Happy Dollars.
Rotary Business: Members were reminded the Annual Blueberry Pancake Breakfast will be held on Saturday, August 13th under the tent at Knowlton Park. The International Committee announced the Interact Program will begin the first day of high school with Heidi Omlor as liaison.
Program Speaker: Our guest speaker was Peter Duston, an educational consultant who lives in Cherryfield. He spoke about his adventures hiking the Appalachian Trail, the people he met and the interesting trail names people adopted while on their hike.
He hiked the entire trail from Georgia to Maine, mostly alone, although he did have a guide who helped him navigate Mt. Katahdin in Baxter State Park. Peter told our group the three most important factors are weight, water and food since a week might go by before one is able to restock food and water. His normal breakfast consisted of oatmeal and a packet of hot chocolate mixed together in a mug with water heated over a fire. Light weight foods such as freeze dried packaged foods are expensive so many people opt to carry ramen noodles and pepperoni for protein.
A steri-pen is an all-important, light weight tool for making safe drinking water along the trail. Peter described many magical moments along the trail and felt that the people he met were the most memorable part of his journey. Many hikers encountered Trail Angels along the way -- people who would set up a camp with water and snacks for the through-hikers at many locations. He also described how many hikers leave the trail to find a town where they can take a shower and find the ever popular “All you can eat” restaurants.
Respectfully submitted by Nancy Mayo