Opening Ceremonies: Club President Scott Kimball called the meeting to order. The invocation was given by our Club Secretary Bruce Fischer and we said the Pledge of Allegiance. The greeter was Fred Beyer.
Visiting Rotarians: Dave and Betty Parsons from the Portland Sunshine Club
Club Guests: PP Laurie Fogelman had a granddaughter visit before the business portion of the club meeting
Club Anniversaries: Irv Hodgkin celebrated 9 years as a Rotarian  
Birthdays: No birthdays
Rotary Minute: Jo Cooper talked about "Making a Difference" in our community
Door Prizes: PP Carl Lusby passed out some of last week's Taiwan Friendship Cake, very nice and tasted great. Thanks Carl. This week winners Charlene - Friendship Cake, Tony-Dried Fruit, Jane-Wine, Dan-Mouse Pen, Clyde-Stress Gear for ages 6 and up, Tracy-Raspberries,
50/50: Laura Pellerano won $15.00 and turned it all back for this quarters happy dollars that are going toward a police vest for Finn the county sheriffs' K-9 in training.
Happy Dollars: Laurie Fogelman, Andria Mason, Iris Simon, Jo Cooper, Dan Hurley, Suellen Speed, Larry Johnson, Charlene Churchill, Bruce Fisher, Domenic Efter, Dave Wells, Jack Frost and President Scott Kimball
Rotary Business:
  • Pancake Breakfast meeting 1 August,
  • Donations Committee Meeting 1 August,.
  • Senator Susan Collins of Maine,  will be our guest speaker on August 22 PLEASE RSVP by 14 August.
  • Travis Higgins will be sponsored by the club to attend RYLA.
Literacy Project: Gene Pellerano presented the Literacy Reading to Young Children program. This project will provide both books and a chance for Rotarians  to read to children at the Ellsworth Library or Ellsworth Elementary School with a commitment of 1 to 2 hours per month. Required training is offered in Waterville on 28 August or after the club meeting on 12 Sept.
Where in the District is DG Lincoln: This week our DG is in Camden and Belfast
Program: The club was very pleased to host Dawn Coffin and Vicki Jipson of the Families First Community Center. This imitative is designed to provide 6 families a chance to make life changes over an 18 month period. In order to break this "chain of poverty" will require training. Training will be a living experience at the facility in Ellsworth. Families will establish a "Life Plan" for change, enroll in education programs for a GED or further education, learn how to shop for food, cook and conduct banking. Additionally participants must work or volunteer for 40 hours each week. The facility should be open by January 2018 after renovations to the building are completed. Fund raising is ongoing, as $50,000 are still need for these renovations. This "All About the Children." Thank you Dawn and Vicki for a wonderful presentation.
Respectfully submitted by Dave Wells