Opening Ceremonies: President Scott Kimball called the meeting to order.  Invocation by Marian Wells and we said the Pledge of Allegiance.
Greeter: David Wells
Sargent at Arms: Cindy Shoppe
Guests: Marc Rich
Birthdays: Micki Sumpter and Andrea Mason
Door Prizes: Wine: Nancy Mayo, Ginger Bread House Kit: Fred Bryer, Chamber value cards: Dom Efter & Iris Simon
50/50: $13.00 to Jack Frost
Happy Dollars Highlights: Jack Frost, Iris Simon, Clyde Cushing, Carl Lusby, Rod Fox, Tracy Shaffer, Marshall Smith, Marc Rich, Joanne Brown, Dave Wells, Marian Wells, Fred Beyer, Cindy Shoppe, Jo Cooper, Terri Stephens, Julie Clark, Dom Efter & Scott Kimball. All dollars will go towards the backpack program for the Wheel Chair Project in the Dominican Republic.
Rotary Business:  
  1. Clyde Cushing circulated signup sheets for Everybody Eats and The Back Pack Project.
  2. Marian Wells requested mentors for new members and passed out member passports.
  3. Gene Pellarano gave an update on the reading program and asked for volunteers.
  4. President Scott presented Paul Harris pins to Dom Efter (plus 3) and to Dan Hurley (plus 7). Congrats!
Program/Speaker: Rotarian Peter Farragher introduced Bruce Becque and Joe Lendvai as our guest speakers. They did an informative presentation on Maine All Care.
Maine AllCare promotes the establishment of publicly funded healthcare coverage for all Maine residents. This system must be efficient, financially sound, and politically sustainable and must provide benefits fairly distributed to all. Maine AllCare advocates that healthcare, a basic necessity, be treated as a public good, since it is fundamental to our well-being as individuals and as a democratic nation.
Respectfully submitted by Dan Hurley