Opening Ceremonies: President Carl Lusby called the meeting to order and introduced our current District Governor Jean-Louis Joly and his wife. The invocation was given by
by Ray Williams and we said the Pledge of Allegiance and listened to both the United States and Canadian national anthems which were each accompanied by a panoramic video. The greeter was Tony Bouchard and Newsletter notes were taken by Tracy Shaffer. St. at Arms duties were performed by Cindy Shoppe.
Visiting Rotarians: Assistant District Gov. Annette Higgins (Bar Harbor), Hank Clark (Lebanon, NH)

Guests:  Allegra (Laura and Gene’s Daughter)
Club Anniversaries: Bill Casale
Birthdays: Marshall Smith and Lee Beal
Wedding Anniversaries: Ashley and Aaron Johnson
Rotary Minute – Jo Cooper advised that Nigeria has experienced an outbreak of polio when it was nearly eradicated there.  She noted that she finds hope in Rotary and in our constant fight against this disease. She also reminded Rotarians how important our peace keeping efforts are given the unrest in the Middle East.
Door Prizes: Tony won a “Swiss Army” like flashlight donated by David Wells and Dan won a Rooster Brothers gift card from Carl’s weekly grab bag. 

50/50: Julie Clark won the $15 pot and donated it back to the cause.

Happy Dollars:  Many people gave happy dollars and used the time for
thoughts, thank you’s, notices and good wishes.  A few from the many:
  • Marshall – For new smartphone for his birthday
  • Andrea, Lincoln, Hank, Marian, Laurie, Carl – Welcome to District Gov. Jean-Louis 
       and the First Lady
  • Cindy, Dan, David – Appreciation for all who worked the pancake breakfast.  Dan
       reported pancake breakfast proceeds of $8K to date with more information to follow. 
       He noted that of the 8K, $1170 was brought in for the wheelchair project via the efforts
       of Bill and Dom collecting donations from ticket buyers.
  • Jack – For recent climb to Mount Katahdin
  • Jean-Louis – Happy to be here this evening with the club
  • Annette – Happy to visit Ellsworth Rotary Club again
  • Tracy – Thanks to the club for donating perishable donated items from the breakfast to
       Everybody Eats!
    Rotary Business:
    Business was suspended to hear an address from District Governor Jean-Louis Joly.
    Guest Speaker: District Governor Jean-Louis Joly
    Jean-Louis expressed his pleasure in meeting with us this evening as well as with the board earlier in the day. 
    Key messages from his inspiring remarks:
  • Challenged us as Rotarians to see ourselves as one team – local, district and
  • Underscored the importance of supporting Every Rotarian Every Year as the
       foundation is 100 years old this year and needs approximately one billion dollars more
       to continue to fight polio.
  • Encouraged us to use the resources of everyone in the club – seek out talent and
       offer tasks to all club members so that we can be even more vibrant and attractive to
       potential members.
  • Tasked us to continue to raise the public image of Rotary within our communities.
  • Invited us to be generous to Rotary through both foundation giving and our Rotary
    He closed his remarks by inviting club members to two key events:
  1. The International Convention will be held June 10-14, 2017 in Atlanta, GA.  Coca
        Cola will be a major partner in bring about the convention.  The last international
        Convention hosted around 42,000 Rotarians. 
  2. The District Conference will be held in Saguenay, Quebec May 19-21, 2017.  Five
       clubs are working together on a steering committee to bring a comprehensive and  
       enjoyable convention to life. Registration will be $265 and a drawing for a free
       registration will be held across the district in the future.
    Jean-Louis was presented with our speaker’s mug and club banner, an Ellsworth Rotary baseball cap and a t-shirt and apron from the blueberry pancake breakfast by President Carl Lusby. The meeting was adjourned at 7:10 PM.
    Respectfully Submitted,
    Tracy Shaffer