Opening Cermonies: President Scott Kimball call the meeting to order at 6:15. Carl Lusby led us the invocation and Pledge of Allegiance
The greeter was Clyde Cushing, Cindy Shoppe was the Sargent at Arms and the meeting notes were taken by Laura Pellerano.
There were no visiting Rotarians or guests.
Birthdays: Larry Johnston 8/4 and Alan Baker 8/7
Wedding Anniversaries: Peter & Pi Collier 8/5 - 5 years and Linda & Steve Elliott 8/5 11 years.
No Foundation minute
Rotary Minute was given by Jo Cooper on the New Hampshire heroin epidemic.
Door Prizes: Laura Pellerano won the RF Jordan T-shirt, mouse pen was won by our guest speaker Nick Turner, Flashlight by Carl Lusby, Dunkin Donuts mug & car freshener by Julie Bouchard and Dan Hurley won the Grand Tickets generously donated by Nick Turner.
Happy Dollars: Bill Casale, JIm Vickers, Larry Johnston, Moira O’Neill, Laurie Fogelman, Charlene Churchill, Irv Hodgkin, Jo Copper, Laura Pellerano, Carl Lusby, Hedi Omlor, Joann Brown, Dan Hurley, Dominic Efter, Scott Kimball.
Rotary Business: Pancake Breakfast, sell more tickets, job assignments and how to cook a pancake.
Susan Collins visit 8/22/2017 Please RSVP to Jane Langley or Scott Kimball
Community Service: Upcoming projects, YMCA, Hospice, Birdsacre and finish at the SPCA.
Meeting for Early Literacy Project Tuesday August 8th at 4:00 located at Timberland RV Campground.
Program: Nick Turner, the new director for the Grand Auditorium shared his vision for the Grand.
Respectfully submitted by Laura Pellerano