Opening Ceremonies: President Scott Kimball called the meeting to order.  Invocation by Micki Sumpter and we said the Pledge of Allegiance. 
Our meeting was held at HCTC and the Culinary Art students provided a wonderful dinner!

Greeter: Marian Wells

Sargent at Arms: Cindy Shoppe

Make-ups: Dave Wells at the Bangor Breakfast Club

Visiting Rotarians: Dave and Betty Parson, Eric Johnston

Guests: Patricia Quirk and Alicia Johnson

Club Anniversaries: Jack Frost 4/30/2001

Door Prizes: Note Paper to Julie Bouchard, Dream Catcher to Iris Simon, Riverside Café Gift Card to Brian Langley, Finn’s Gift Card to Eric Johnston

50/50: $16.00 to Laura Pellerano

Happy Dollars Highlights: Laura Pellerano, Larry Fernald, Micki Sumpter, Tracy Shaffer, Irv Hodgkin, Marshall Smith, Dave Wells, Lincoln Ehrlenbach, Eric Johnston, Carl Lusby, Scott Kimball all gave happy dollars this week. All Happy Dollars will go towards District Governor Lincoln’s District 2019 Wheelchair project this quarter. 

Rotary Business:
Auction Update: Please sell or buy your Auction Tickets! Posters are available to put up around town or at your business. The Auction is Friday May 18th at Big Cat’s Event Center. Please let Tracy Shaffer know if you cannot attend to help.
Ray Williams won a $25 Visa Gift Card this week! 

Ashley Johnson passed out our New Rotary Brochures! Please share with individuals who are interested in Rotary and would like to attend a meeting! Brochures are available to view and print on our website!

Program/Speaker: This week we honored our final three programs this year by naming a top program student for each. As Amy Boles shared when visited with us in March, there are 11 technical programs under the HCTC umbrella. In addition to the program growth, more students than ever are going to SkillsUSA’s upcoming national competition. 

Club members were encouraged to remember the tip jar that Rotarian Fred Beyer made available to help support the students.

Student Awards:
  1. Early Childhood Education – Meghan Stubbs introduced Student Deanna Pinkham
  2. Welding Technologies - Joel Pelletier introduced Student Devon Emrick
  3. Culinary Arts – Bill Baker introduced Student Josie Hardison
State Senator and Educational Advocate Brian Langley was our guest speaker. He spent more than 27 years teaching Culinary Arts at HCTC and currently owns the Union River Lobster Pot restaurant in Ellsworth. 
Respectfully submitted by Ashley Johnson