Opening Ceremonies: President Carl Lusby called the meeting to order.  Invocation by Charlene Churchill and we said the Pledge of Allegiance. 

Greeter: Mike Fisher.  
Birthdays: Linda Fuller and Jackie Clough.  We sang!  

Wedding Anniversaries: Jane and Brian Langley will celebrate their wedding anniversary April 16.  

Guests: Merry Post, Tim Plouff, Kathy Silsby, Pat Hollenberg, and Danny Ray.  

Rotary Minute: Jo Cooper's rotary minute was about the fundraiser held for Aaron and Ashley Johnson, and the impact she felt, noting the presence of Rotarians, interspersed in the very large crowd that attended the event.  Jo encouraged Rotarians to speak about what they have done for rotary service. Comments were made by Julie Bouchard, Lincoln Erlenbach, Jane Langley, Scott Kimball, Laurie Fogelman, Bruce Fischer, Clyde Cushing and Marshall Smith.

Door prizes:  Were won by Irv Hodgkins, Peter Collier and Jane Langley.  
50/50:  Was won by Pam Cushing, who donated the $18.00 back as happy dollars.  
Happy Dollars:  Rob Hemingway, Terry Stephens, Lincoln Erlenbach, Ashley Johnson, Debby Erlenbach, Tracy Schaffer, Jane Langley, Heidi Omlor, Micki Sumpter, David Wells, Scott Kimball, Laurie Fogelman, Iris Simon, Jo Cooper, Moira O'Neill and Carl Lusby.  

Rotary Business: Consisted of an auction update, noting major sponsorships by Bar Harbor Bank and Trust, and Jordan Fernald.  Scott encouraged everyone to make their calls and turn in auction items at the YMCA.  Auction posters were also available.   

Guest Speaker: Carl Lusby introduced the Honorable Governor Paul LePage, who spoke about taxation, cost of electricity and education, and how these three things impact our economy.  It was a very informative talk, and the governor answered several questions from the audience.  He also encouraged everyone to continue to talk to our legislators about lowering taxes.  

Respectfully submitted by Suellen Speed