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Rotary Club of Ellsworth
Associate Member Pilot Program
The Rotary Club of Ellsworth has been granted approval to implement the Associate Member Pilot Program as from the 1 July 2015 for a period of two consecutive years. This is an exciting opportunity for the Club to experiment in a new way of attracting men and women in the community to become involved in the work of Rotary in their own community and internationally.
The arrangements for the operation of the Pilot Program in the Rotary Club of Ellsworth are based on the document published by Rotary International as the framework document for the Associate Member Pilot Program.
Feedback from numerous Rotary surveys and focus groups has repeatedly shown that prospective members and current younger Rotarians require flexibility in their Rotary club membership. This pilot is structured to research alternatives and options for Rotary membership and the resulting impact on membership trends and the club’s overall effectiveness.
The Associate Membership Pilot Program will allow an individual to become engaged with a Rotary club, its members, its programs and projects, with the expectation that they will choose to become a Full Member of the Club within a designated period of time.
The Associate Membership Pilot Program runs from 1 July 2015 - 30 June 2017
Pilot Program Scheme Arrangements
Rotary Club of Ellsworth
1. Nomination of Associate Members
Nominations of prospective Associate Members will be received by the Secretary; they will be reviewed by the Board; they will be circulated to full and Associate Members of the Club, with the opportunity for members to comment to the Secretary on the suitability of the person; and subject to the review of comments, if any, by the Board, the person will be invited to sign a formal proposal for Associate Membership, pay the appropriate fees, and be inducted as an Associate Member of the Club.
2. Term of Membership
The term of membership of an Associate Member will be two years from when they are inducted and there-after will be at the discretion of the Board. A person may not be an Associate Member for longer than the two Rotary Years of the Pilot Program.
3. Engagement
Associate Members will be expected to engage fully with the Club’s meetings and activities.
Attendance of Associate Members at regular Club meetings will be recorded for the purpose of monitoring engagement with the Club and its activities.
Associate Members are encouraged to demonstrate their engagement by attending weekly regular Club meetings and community service projects conducted by the Club.
For the purpose of “make-ups” by an Associate Member, self-reporting of attendance at the regular meeting of another Rotary Club, or attendance at a community activity conducted by the Club will count.
4. Classification
Associate Members will be assigned a classification in the Club for the purpose of being identified with a particular vocation.
An Associate Member does not have the right to deny Associate Membership or Full Membership of the Club to another person of the same classification.
Associate Membership does not count for the purposes of the classification limits set down in the standard Rotary International club constitution.
5. Identification
Associate Members will be issued with a Rotary International lapel pin so that they may wear it and be known for their involvement in the work of Rotary International.
Associate Members and their partners will be issued with the standard Club badges. This will allow them to be recognized along with other members at regular meetings of the Club, and will be a substantial cost saving when an Associate Member chooses to convert their membership to that of a Full Member of the Club.
Associate Members will be encouraged to purchase and wear a Club shirt and cap/hat at Club activities.
6. Voting
Associate Members do not have voting rights on Club matters until they become Full Members.
7. Holding Office
Associate Members are not entitled to hold office as President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer or be a Director of the Club.
Associate Members will be encouraged to take up other leadership roles in support of the Club’s activities such as chairing project committees.
8. Financial obligations
Associate members have the following financial obligations:
  • Annual fee - $100.00 in any subsequent year of Associate Membership
  • Meeting Fees – Associate Members attending regular meetings of the Club will pay the standard dinner fee and purchase their own drinks
  • Converting to Full Membership – Annual fee - $200.00
  • Financial contributions to charitable works – Associate Members may contribute to The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International at their own discretion.
9. Becoming a Full Member
An Associate Member may apply at any time to the Secretary of the Club to have their status converted to that of a Full Member. The Secretary will report such an application to the Board, and with the approval of the Board and the payment by the Associate Member of the necessary fees the Associate Members status will be changed. The Secretary will report any such change of status to the Club and register the new Full Member with RI.
10. Club Communication
An Associate Member of the Club will have full access to the communication materials produced by the Club.
11. Official Magazine – The Rotarian
12. Public liability
Associate Members will be covered by the public liability arrangements for the Club.
13. Resignation
An Associate Member may resign from the Club at any time by giving written notice to the Secretary of the Club.